Today we are going to discuss the Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows. Pregnancy is a very stirring and hard time for the mother. The nine months time period takes many changes in the mother’s body.

As we all know that if the mother is healthy, the baby is healthy. So, the mother should be very careful about her health. So, the mother needs to be in an attentive and comfortable environment.

So, the first thing that the mother should take attention to is sleeping posture. If the sleeping posture is unpleasant it may affect or harm the baby.

So here comes the role of Pregnancy Pillow and pregnancy pillow has a lot of benefits.

The regular pillow or mattresses are not so comfortable for the mother. They are not designed for the time of pregnancy.

It may cause severe problems like body pain, obstruct sleep, and many other problems.

So, to overcome this problem there is a pregnancy pillow and we are going to discuss the Benefits of pregnancy pillows. But first, give me a chance to explain to you What is a pregnancy pillow?

What Actually is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Firstly, let us understand What is a pregnancy pillow?

The maternity pillow or the Pregnancy pillow is a uniquely designed pillow to comfort the mother.

There are many changes that take place in the body so this pillow supports all the changes of the body.

The Pregnancy Pillow makes sleeping very comfortable. They are available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials in the market.

During pregnancy, the mother has to sleep on the side so it is very helpful to sleep on the side comfortably.

The Maternity Pillow also helpful after delivery. This pregnancy pillow helps to breastfeed the newborn baby.

Do I really need a Pregnancy Pillow?

When a woman is pregnant it is very hard for her to sleep in a normal position. It is like a battle to sleep on a bed in a normal position. Because during pregnancy, the womb increase, mother start gaining weight.

It puts the whole body weight on the back, hips, and legs. It causes a lot of pain. So, the Pregnancy Pillow supports all these parts of the Body. During pregnancy, you can’t sleep on the back and stomach because it may harm your baby.

So, the best option is to sleep on the side but sleeping the whole night on one side may put pressure on your body parts so that time this pregnancy pillow helps you.

Top 5+ Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows?

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

There are lots of benefits of pregnancy pillows. So guys here I am going to tell you about the Benefits of the Pregnancy Pillow.

1. Reduce the Back Pain

During the time of pregnancy backpain is very common. Because at the time of pregnancy the ligaments in the body are softening and stretching to prepare the body for Delivery, which results in painful strain in the lower back and pelvic joints.

This pain affects not only the mother’s daily activities but also the sleep of the mother too. So, this maternity pillow or pregnancy pillow helps you to get relief from this pain.

This pillow is especially or uniquely designed to support your all body parts. So that you can sleep comfortably.

2. It helps in easy Blood Circulation

During pregnancy, everyone advised you to sleep on the side, not on the back or stomach. Sleeping on the side may encourage easy blood circulation in your body.

But due to an increase in the size of belly and body weight, it is uncomfortable for some to sleep on one side the whole night, so if you use this pregnancy pillow, comfort is guaranteed.

3. Longer Sleeping Hour

If the mother is healthy, the baby is healthy. Whatever the mother feels affects the growth of the baby.

If you are not sleeping properly, then you feel restless, causes many health problems.

So, this pregnancy pillow helps you to sleep comfortably and for longer hours.

4. Easy to Carry

This pregnancy pillow is very light weighted and easy to carry anywhere. If you are going away from your home for any reason then you can carry it with you. So you can sleep properly.

5. It is Helpful After the Delivery

Many people thought it is just useful for nine months after that it is purposeless but no it is useful after the Delivery also.

It is difficult for a new mother to hold a baby properly so you can use it to support during breastfeeding.

You can use it as a barrier around a baby when you lie a baby so that baby can’t roll over and hurt themselves.

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6. Different types of pregnancy pillow for Different Needs

And how to choose a Pregnancy Pillow? There are different types of pregnancy pillows available in the market according to shape, size, and material.

Now the question is how to choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow? So, every pregnancy is different so the need for a pillow differs from person to person.

Here we try to help you how to choose a Pillow?

  • Pregnancy wedge pillow

This pillow is the smallest in size among all the pregnancy pillows. This pillow may help you during your pregnancy or post-pregnancy.

This pillow is available in two types the round wedge and triangular wedge pillow. You can place it under your stomach or back for proper support during sleeping sideways or stomach.

  • Full length pregnancy pillow

These pillows are very long and provide support to the entire body. These types of pillow support your legs, arms, and your tummy. You can hug it while sleeping.

Straight full length and flexible full-length pregnancy pillow are the types of full-length pregnancy pillow.

You can use it to support your arms and legs but you can’t place it under your tummy. It is different from other pillows. It is designed to hug.

  • Total body pregnancy pillow

Its height around 5 to 6 inches. Due to its height, it is perfect for women of any height. It supports your back and hips, So it helps to reduce backpain.

C- shaped and u shaped pillow are two types of total body pregnancy pillow.

  1. C shaped pillow

It is like c shaped like its name. This pillow support head, tummy, and legs. It is useful for those who like to sleep in the riding position

2. U- shaped pillow

These pillows are useful for those who prefer to sleep on the back but can’t due to an increase in the size of the belly.


This is all about the Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows. A pregnancy pillow is really a life savior at the time of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillow helps to sleep comfortably, not only pregnant but others who want sound sleep can also use this pillow.

There are many benefits of pregnancy pillows. The market is full of different types, shapes of pregnancy pillows so choose wisely.