In Search of Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow? Are, you expecting the addition of new members to your family or maybe in the future? Pregnancy is the most cheerful moment for every Woman. Every woman in this world wants to experience it.

But with joy, Pregnancy brings several problems like insomnia, Heart Burn, Snoring, and body aches. Your sleeping schedule gets ruined.

The place(Bed) where you feel comfortable while sleeping suddenly becomes the most uncomfortable place.

Your sleep is crucial not only for you but also for the baby inside your womb. So, pick the best sleeping aid that comforts you.

Luckily there is a way to combat comforts that arises due to change in your body shape. Boppy design various sleeping aid to resolve the problems related to Pregnancy.

There are different types of Boppy Pregnancy pillows, Boppy Wedge Pillow, and Boppy Nursing Pillow of different shapes, sizes, and styles. We are going to help you to pick the Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow that suits you. Enjoy the comfort of using Boppy Pillows.

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow is a tranquilizer that every Pregnant Woman wants during her Pregnancy. Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillow is really a difficult task. Which one is good? What is the need for a Boppy Pregnancy Pillow?

We did a lot of research from real people reviews, personal experience, and expert analysis. We picked some Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow, Boppy Nursing Pillow, and Boppy Wedge pillow.

If you are in Hurry? Just Pick any Best Pregnancy Pillow in a List of Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow:

S. noBest Boppy Pregnancy PillowBuy Now
1.Boppy Wedge PillowCheck Price
2.Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy PillowCheck Price
3.Boppy Original Nursing Pillow{Highest Rated}Check Price
4.Boppy Naked Nursing Pillow{Highest Rated}Check Price
5.Boppy Pregnancy Support PillowCheck Price
6.Boppy Slipcovered Total Body Pregnancy PillowCheck Price

What is Boppy?

Boppy is the world’s first brand that produces a nursing pillow and a Pregnancy Pillow. It is established in 1989.

The main motive of Boppy is to provide comfort to the mother to be. There are millions of people all around the world who are enjoying the comfort of Bobby.

5+ Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow {Wedge & Nursing}

5+ Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

Boppy knows how much you suffer during pregnancy, so boppy tries its best by making the best Pregnancy Pillow. There are various types of Boppy Pillow. So, here we listed the best boppy Pregnancy Pillow, Boppy Nursing Pillow, and Boppy Wedge Pillow.

1. Boppy Wedge Pillow {Best Boppy Wedge Pillow}

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Bobby wedge pillow is a versatile and Multi-purpose pillow. It is a firm supporting cushion that supports your back, baby bump, and hips.

Its compact design saves space on your bed and helps in easing the pressure from the pelvis and decrease round ligament pain.

It is easy to carry anywhere, which means you have a great night’s sleep wherever you go. Its dimensions are 14*4*12 inches and its weight is 9.6 ounces.

It is a lightweight Wedge Pillow and you can easily place it anywhere you need support. It comes with a removable, ultra-soft, & jersey slipcover that is easy to wash.


  • It Promotes side sleeping.
  • It is perfect for travel.
  • It provides Firm support.
  • It is Portable, lightweight, and easy to position.
  • It has an Ultra-soft jersey slipcover.
  • It has a Removable slipcover that is machine Washable.


  • It has a chemical smell.
  • It is not ideal for tall women.
  • It is small in size, So you need more than one pillow to support different parts.
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2. Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

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The Boppy side Sleeper Pillow is designed for side sleepers. Now you don’t need to choose between support your back or tummy.

This Pillow provides stability and support to your back and belly. It is ideal for those who are not used to sleep on the side.

This Pillow has a unique stretch panel that accommodates your bump and it keeps Pillow in its place while sleeping, lounging, or sitting. So, there is no need to rearrange its place throughout the night.

It is small in size so that it is comfortable and perfect for traveling and it saves space on your bed. Its dimensions are 14.25 x 6.25 x 13 inches and its weight is 1. 79 pounds.

The Pillow is filled with virgin fiber. It comes with a jersey knit slipcover that stretches to fit your changing body. It has a removable and washable cover.


  • This Pillow stays in place.
  • It helps you sleep and stay on your side.
  • It provides you Back and baby bump support.
  • Its compact design makes it perfect for traveling.
  • It has a removable and washable cover.


  • It is small in size, maybe not fit for everyone.
  • If you sleep on one side then it causes discomfort to flip to another side.
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3. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow {Best Boppy Nursing Pillow}

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This Pillow is a versatile Pillow, you can use it for feeding, propping, tummy time, and sitting for your baby. It is specially designed by the expert’s mother by keeping your comfort in mind.

It is small enough to fit anywhere but big enough to lift your baby. You can easily place it around your front and waist to give the best support while feeding your baby.

Its dimensions are 19.9 x 16.75 x 6.5 inches and its weight is 3.69 pounds. The material used is cotton blend fabric. It comes with a removable and washable cover.


  • It has a removable and washable cover.
  • It is a versatile and Multi-purpose pillow.
  • It provides comfort and relief from back and arm pain.


  • You cannot use it for sleeping purpose.
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4. Boppy Naked Nursing Pillow {Best Boppy Nursing Pillow}

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Boppy Naked Nursing Pillow is the best and cheaper nursing pillow. This Pillow made your nursing easy and comfortable.

This Pillow is not only useful for nursing but you can also use it for multiple purposes. As your baby grows, you can use it for feeding, sitting, and tummy time.

It provides you relief from back and arm pain by lifting your baby in the right position while breastfeeding.

The material used in this Pillow is 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton, and Pillow Filling is 100% Polyester Fiber. Its dimensions are 20 x 16 x 5.5 inches and its weight is 2.72 pounds.

The pillow comes with removable and machine washable cover that is easy to clean.


  • It has a removable cover.
  • It is a multipurpose pillow.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It doesn’t cover too much space on your bed.


  • May baby slip from it.
  • Softer than other Pillows
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5. Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow

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This Pillow is a medium-sized Pillow with dimensions 20 x 5.5 x 16 inches and weighs 3.5 Pounds. It provides support to your back, neck, shoulder, head, and belly to make your night comfy.

You can use it as a supporter while sitting, sleeping, and lounging. You can even use it for post partrum recovery.

It has a machine washable cover with easy zip on and off. It is small in size so that it saves space on your bed. It is easy to carry.


  • It is perfectly fits, thanks to its unique contoured shape
  • It is a Medium-size pillow.
  • It is filled with virgin fiber.
  • It has a Removable ultra-soft jersey slipcover
  • Pillow and slipcover are machines washable.


  • The material gets a little lumpy.
  • It has a chemical smell.
  • You may not like its shape.
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6. Boppy Slipcovered Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Editor Top Pick:

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This is the total body pillow that provides support to your back, belly, head, shoulders, and neck. It is the best gift for the mother to be who is in her second or third trimester.

It is one piece Pillow that provides you support from head to toe. You can use this Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow in multiple ways.

The multi-use body pillow helps you get comfort not only while sleeping on your side but also while lounging or sitting. Even all other family members can use it.

This pregnancy pillow is filled with 100% polyester virgin fiber, which makes it durable. It comes with a removable and washable cover so it is easy to clean.


  • It is a multipurpose pillow.
  • It has a removable cover.
  • It is one piece that provides you head to toe support.


  • It is big in size.
  • It has little hard fabric.
  • It is not easy to carry.
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How to use Boppy Pregnancy Pillow when Pregnancy?

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow, you can use it in different ways. Most of the Bobby Pregnancy Pillow is a multipurpose pillow. You can use it to sleep comfortably, breastfeeding, sitting, reading, and many more.

A research shows about 80% of women are not able to sleep comfortably during pregnancy, their are many reasons. But the solution is one the Boppy Pillow.


You are pregnant and your uterus is expanding with the passage of time. You are not able to sleep in your normal position.

How irritating it is? Oh god! Every mother knows it and she wants the solution. The solution is just one step away from you, go and buy Best Boppy Pregnancy Pillow.

Boppy Pillow provides support to your body and helps you to sleep in a comfortable position. For Example, Boppy wedge Pillow is smaller in size and it targets a specific area. So, you can easily place it anywhere you need support.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow is best for Side sleeping. As we know that side sleeping is ideal during pregnancy. But sleeping on the side is quite annoying. This Pillow is beneficial to overcome this problem.

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Breastfeeding is really difficult, especially for new mothers. Boppy has also a solution to this problem. You can use Boppy Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding also.

Sit in a comfortable position. Place the pillow on your lap and then place your baby on it. It will raise your baby in the right position. So, now you can nurse your baby.

Tummy time

Tummy time is important for a baby. Mostly baby doesn’t like tummy time but it is helpful to strengthen the upper body of the baby.

You can use the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow for tummy time also.

Place blanket on the floor. Then place Boppy Pregnancy Pillow on it. Then Place your baby on the pillow, with their arms and shoulders propped on top of the pillow.

Place a toy in front of the baby to grab its attention. Let you, baby, to play until he shows any sign of fatigue.

Their are many more uses:

  • You can use it to sit on the chair comfortably.
  • You can use it as a supporter to sit your baby.
  • Any one who wants to sleep comfortably can use it.

How to sleep with Boppy Pregnancy Pillow?

“Sleep is the best meditation.” — Dalai Lama

Well said, when we sleep peacefully then our next day will be more productive and joyful. During pregnancy, it becomes impossible to sleep as we want due to the body changes.

With boppy this problem can be solved easily. you can use any of the Best Boppy Pillow and sleep without any hindrance.

Boppy Wedge Pillow:

Boppy really surprises us with its various variety of Pillow. The best one which I personally like is the Boppy wedge Pillow, it is small in size easy to carry. It is simple and easy to use.

Place it where you want to support like to support the belly place it under the belly and sleep throughout the night.

Boppy Full Body Pillow:

The next one is a Boppy full body pillow, it is big in size and it provides you support from head to toe. Place one end of the pillow under your head and another end between your legs to support your pelvic area.

Boppy Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow:

Boppy side sleeping Pregnancy Pillow, as its name refers it is perfect for side sleepers. Side sleeping is the best sleeping position during pregnancy.

So, this Pillow helps you to sleep on the side by providing essential support to you. You can use any of Boppy Pillow to sleep and there are many methods to use it.

Do you really need a Boppy Pillow?

In the early stages of pregnancy, there is no need for any kind of Pillow. But after the second semester, your body shows various changes like hormonal changes and physical changes.

Your tummy starts expanding, you may feel tired, body ache and so many problems. To combat all these problems you really need a Boppy Pillow.

Boppy helps you to deal with all the issues related to pregnancy. Even other family members who are suffering from insomnia and recovery from surgery can use a Boppy Pillow.


Can you wash Boppy Pregnancy Pillow?

Mostly, Boppy Pillow is washable. You can clean and wash them easily. Put your pillow in cold water and then dry it. If your pillow is not washable then just remove its cover and wash it. You can buy another Pillow cover if the old one becomes dirty. But before washing the pillow read the instructions carefully given on it.

What can you do with Boppy Pillow?

Boppy Pillow is really very useful you can use it during your pregnancy to sleep comfortably. Even after delivery you can use this pillow for nursing your baby for the term time of your baby and to sit up your baby. Bobby is a multipurpose pregnancy Pillow.

How do you use the Boppy to sit a baby up?

You can use this pillow to sit your baby up. Put the pillow on floor or on bed. Now put your baby in the center of Boppy Pillow. Make sure that baby back is against the curve of Pillow and the legs of baby pointing towards the opening.

How long do you use Boppy Nursing Pillow?

Boppy nursing pillow is a long term Investment. It is a feeding Pillow but also you can use it for tummy time, and as a supporter when your baby start sitting. The use of Boppy nursing pillow change as your baby starts growing. After three months it acts as supporter, then for propping.

How to use Boppy wedge pillow?

The boppy wedge pillow is a small size pillow. There are many different ways to use it. When you lie on your side. Place it underneath your belly to support your belly and your back. If you want to support any other part you can place it there.


Boppy Pregnancy Pillows are one of the best pillows that provide you enough support and comfort during pregnancy and for breastfeeding your baby. We also included Best Boppy Nursing Pillow and Best Boppy Wedge Pillow.

Boppy total body pillow gives to head to toe support. The boppy wedge pillow is small in size and Useful to target a specific area Whereas the boppy naked Pillow is a Multipurpose pillow you can use for feeding as well as for tummy time of your baby.

Every Pillow is best and has its own benefit.

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