C Shape vs U Shape Pregnancy Pillow? Which is better U shaped or C shaped Pregnancy Pillow? Which Shape of Pregnancy Pillow is Ideal for mothers? How to choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow for all your needs?

There are various types of Pregnancy Pillows available but the best are full-length Pregnancy Pillow. They are of different shapes. Every shape has its own Pros and Cons.

Here is What we found in our research on Which is better U shaped or C shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

U shape Pregnancy Pillow is better than C shape Pillow in various aspects. U shape Pillow provides enough support to your back and tummy at the same time. This Pillow is best for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

C Shape vs U Shape Pregnancy Pillow? Which one is Best?

C and U Shape are two types of Pregnancy Pillow come under Full-Length Body Pillow. They are larger in size than Wedge Pillow and normal pillows. These are specially designed to adapt the changing countour of the body during Pregnancy.

Now, again a question strike in your mind. Which one is better C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow or U Shaped Pillow?

So, guys don’t go anywhere. In this article, we compare the C shape and U shape Pregnancy Pillow. It helps you to make your decision

What is C Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

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As its name Suggest, the Shape of the Pillow is like the letter C. This Pillow helps you to enjoy better and quality sleep a full night.

As we all know How important is good sleep for a mother. During pregnancy sleeping comfortably is like a dream and C shape Pregnancy Pillow makes this possible.

C shape Pillow is perfect for a side sleeper. It provides complete comfort to the neck, shoulder, back, hip to keep in alignment in proper position while sleeping or resting.

It is safe and remains in its shape for a long time. This Pillow provides relief from back pain, It helps in proper blood circulation and heartburn.

C shaped body pillow also used for breastfeeding. Apart from Pregnant Women, Other family members can use it to sleep comfortably.

There are different brands in the market that manufacture C shape Pregnancy Pillow. C shape Pillow is available at different prices and with different types of filling.

These pillows come with a removable cover so that you can easily wash it. C shape Pillow is a best supporter for Pregnant Women. This pillow knows how to comfort you and make you feel relax.


Around 80 Percent of Pregnant Women face sleeping discomfort at night due to Pains, aches, and other general sleeping problems. Choosing the Best shape Pregnancy Pillow can help you in getting undisturbed and Comfortable Night sleep.

What is U Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

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The shape of this pillow is like the letter U. This Pillow provides enough support to your back, neck, and head.

It provides you relief from lower back pain and heartburn. You can create multiple positions for watching t.v, reading books, sleeping, and also for breastfeeding.

It provides you total body support for a Painless and Peaceful sleep. Your whole family can use it and enjoy the joy of sleeping.

It offers comfort to both sides of you. Your belly and back are supported in U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

​There’s no need to reposition pillows during the night, simply turn from side to side and your body pillow is a custom fit.

Difference between C and U shape Pregnancy Pillow

The C shape and U shape Pillow are different in various aspects. The C shape Pillow is like the letter C whereas U shape Pillow is like the letter U.

C shape Pillow is specially designed to be used with a closed side of the C against your back and the open side is used around your back.

In C shape Pillow, you can rest your head on top and straddle the bottom of it. On the other hand, U shape is used to rest your head on a closed curve and you can sleep in between the two straight sides.

C shape Pillow is best for side sleepers whereas U shape Pillow is ideal for both sides, and back sleepers.

Both the Pillow have various differences and have different uses but still, they have some similarities.

Similarities between C shape and U Shape Pillow?

U shape and C shape have a lot of similarities. Both the pillow are designed to provide comfort to the Pregnant Mother.

They help to get relief from various health issues like heartburn, snoring, and backpain. They both are full-body Pillow and provide support to the whole body.

Which is better U shaped or C shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

U shape Pregnancy Pillow is better than C shape in various aspects. U shape Pillow provides enough support to your back and tummy at the same time. This Pillow is best for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

On the other hand, C shape Pregnancy Pillow is ideal for side sleeper but in this, you will not get the same back support as U-shaped Pillow gives.

In U shape Pregnancy Pillow, there is no need to change its position throughout the night but in C shape you have to wake up at night to change its position as it only supports one side at a time.

As we all know that nothing is perfect in this world. U shape also has some drawbacks. U shape Pregnancy Pillow covers a lot of space on your bed. It may be inconvenient for the person who sleeps with you.

C shape Pregnancy Pillow doesn’t cover much space on your bed. In U shape, sleeping surrounded by a pillow may feel overly warm for some users.

We come to this point on C Shape vs U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Battle with the help of our expert team analysis that Better or Best Shape of Pillow depends on your requirements.

  • Quick Comparison

U Shape Pros and Cons

u shape


  • At Same Time Support Back and Belly.
  • It is a multipurpose Pillow.
  • It helps mothers to sleep on back during pregnancy.
  • Don’t need to change its position at night.


  • It covers large space on bed.
  • It is not easy to carry.

C Shape Pros and Cons

C ppillow


  • It is suitable for plus size women.
  • It doesn’t cover too much space.
  • It provide you full body support.
  • It is open from one side so you don’t feel warm.


  • It doesn’t support back and belly at same time.
  • It is only suitable for side sleepers.


Are C Shape Pregnancy Pillow good for side sleepers?

Side sleeping is the best sleeping position during the Pregnancy. Even doctor suggested that sleeping on side can increase the blood circulation in your body. Sleeping on one side whole night is very irritating and makes you tired. C Shape Pregnancy Pillow help you by giving support to your body. C Shape Pregnancy pillow are best for side sleepers.

Are U shape Pillow are good?

U shaped pillows are full body pillow they can support your back and Tummy at the same time. U shape Pregnancy Pillow is really good not only for Pregnancy but for anyone who wants to sleep comfortably.

When should you start using C or U Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

Well, there is no fixed time for the use of C Shape or U Shape Pregnancy Pillow. Whenever you start feeling uncomfortable while sleeping you can buy a pregnancy pillow. To know more about this check this article.

Is U shaped or C shaped pregnancy pillow better?

U shape Pillow is better than C shape because it provides support to your back and tummy at the same time but it is not possible with the C shape Pillow.

How do you sleep with a C shaped pregnancy pillow?

You can use the C shape Pillow in many different ways. Firstly, you can wrap one end of Pillow around your back to support your head and neck and another end between your legs to support your pelvic region. And if you want to support your belly so wrap wrap it around your front to support the belly.

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C shape or U Shape both are best in their respective zones. Both have their own benefits. U shape can support back and belly at the same time. Whereas C shape is perfect for side sleepers.

If you have a large space you can use U shape Pillow, On the other hand, if you don’t have much space then C shape is best.

In the end, the decision is yours. Before buying a Pregnancy Pillow, you should know about your need.

Buying the best Pillow can provide you relief from various health issues but the wrong one can cause problem.

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