Can you sleep on your belly when pregnant? If You are a Stomach Sleeper and Pregnant then definitely there are various questions in your mind. The first question is Can I sleep on my belly during Pregnancy?

Here is what we found on Can you sleep on your belly when Pregnant?

Well, there is not an issue Sleeping on your belly in the early stages of pregnancy. But if you have a Habit of Sleeping on your belly, So it is better for you to change your sleeping habit. You may feel discomfort while sleeping on your belly with passing time.

Sleep is the condition of the body when our eyes are closed and we are in resting mode. Doctors also advise that good sleep makes Humans mentally and physically fit.

A normal human being needs a sleep of an average of eight hours. But, the situation is not the same when you are Pregnant.

Many problems like nausea, and morning sickness can interrupt your sleep.

But no one talks about the Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy. So, Today We are going to cover Can you sleep on your belly when pregnant?

Can you sleep on your Belly when pregnant?

Can you sleep on your belly when pregnant?

As long as you are comfortable with your belly sleeping habit you can sleep in this posture. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body is not showing any huge physical changes. You can sleep on your tummy.

There is various Pregnancy aid like Pregnancy pillows that help you to sleep on your belly comfortably.

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But, According to doctors, a belly sleep habit is not an ideal posture. Avoid it and change your sleeping position.

Is it Safe to Sleep on the Stomach During Pregnancy?

The simple and straightforward answer of this question is “No”.

Although, stomach sleeping cures snoring or sleep apnea. But it may cause strain in your neck, spine.

At this position, the bodyweight of the Pregnant Woman is in the middle of the body and makes it difficult to maintain the neutral spine position.

According to the Research (Mayo Clinic), sleeping on your stomach places a strain on your back and spine. This is because most of your weight is in the middle of your body. This makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position when you’re sleeping.

When you are pregnant you should be more attentive about your sleeping position.

Stomach sleeping is safe for some time during pregnancy. But after 16 weeks of pregnancy, when your stomach starts expanding, It is quite uncomfortable.

Let’s discuss Can you sleep on your belly when pregnant trimester wise?

Sleeping on tummy During Pregnancy Trimester Wise:

Sleeping on tummy During Pregnancy Trimester Wise

First trimester

In the initial phase of pregnancy, sleeping on the tummy is safe and doesn’t cause any discomfort. The fetus is properly protected by the uterus, and there is no need to worry.

Second trimester

When you are in the second trimester, your womb starts expanding, and sleeping on the stomach at that time is not quite safe. At this stage, the uterus Starts pushing the digestive organ.

So, Sleeping on your Stomach puts additional pressure on these organs and causes Heartburns(Acid Reflux).

Third Trimester

In this phase, your stomach is growing very fastly. So, sleeping on the stomach is a bad decision. Sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on your vena cava (It is the vein that circulates blood from the heart to the legs). Due to this, the supply of nutrients to the baby reduces.

Best Sleeping position During Pregnancy?

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, we take care of many things but we don’t take attention to our sleeping position. In fact, it is essential to sleep in the correct position.

According to the Doctor’s: Sleeping on your side is the Best Position. It is not only comfortable, but it also helps to circulate the blood and supply proper nutrition to the baby. (Reference)

Sleeping on your side is not easy for you. You may become tired or irritated. So, for this, you can use Best Pregnancy Pillow? They help you to improve your sleep quality and useful to sleep in the right posture.

What is the Best First Trimester Sleeping Position?

Sleeping in any position is safe during the first trimester. There is no problem with any position but during this time you can prepare yourself for the upcoming days.

After 16 Weeks your uterus starts expanding and causes sleeping difficulty. At this time you will not able to sleep in your normal position.

So, it is a good idea to start practicing sleeping on the side. It is the best possible sleeping position during pregnancy.

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What is the best sleeping position during Second or Third Trimester?

When a woman enters her second or third trimester. The uterus starts expanding. Now, sleeping on the stomach is not possible it is like you are sleeping on a watermelon. It is harmful to sleep on the stomach.

Now, the best possible way to overcome this problem is side sleeping. Start sleeping on your left or right side. Side sleeping increases the blood circulation and also reduces the risk of compressing the uterus.

Worst sleeping position during Pregnancy?

Sleeping on the back during pregnancy is risky. If you sleep on your back, the uterus puts pressure on your spine.

It will cause back pain and obstruct the circulation of blood. This causes an immense effect on the supply of nutrients to the baby. So, Back sleeping is the worst sleeping position during pregnancy.

Disadvantages of Sleeping on Stomach During Pregnancy?

Sleeping on the Stomach during Pregnancy may have very harmful effects. These are some Disadvantages of Sleeping on Stomach During Pregnancy:

  • Stomach sleeping puts pressure on the back and causes back pain.
  • It can reduce the circulation of blood and affect the nutrients supply to the baby.
  • This position also puts pressure on your breast. During pregnancy, your breast already tenders and sore, due to various hormonal changes.
  • It may cause physical problems at the time of delivery.

Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Only sleeping position is not enough. You have to take a very good sleep. There are many other ways to improve your sleep quality as well.

  • Diet:

A proper diet is not only good for pregnant women but also for all. A proper diet can help you to sleep properly.

Don’t eat spicy food during pregnancy because it causes heartburn, it can affect sleep.

A diet that is rich in protein should be taken before sleeping. This will control the low blood sugar.

  • Meditation:

In today’s time, our busy schedule causes stress and anxiety during pregnancy which can interrupt sleep at night.

Meditation is really helpful to feel relax. Meditation trains our brain and diverts the focus to the present not worry about the past and future.

  • Exercise:

Exercise is very helpful. It makes us physically and mentally fit. It can reduce the various symptoms associated with pregnancy which can make our sleep difficult.

But remember two things, when you are pregnant don’t do intense exercise. Secondly, always do exercise in the daytime, if you exercise in the morning or at night it may reduce sleep quality.

  • Pregnancy Pillows:

Pregnancy pillows are specially designed pillows for pregnant women. Maternity or pregnancy pillows support the body to sleep comfortably. There are different types of pregnancy pillows in the market.

Action: Check out our in-depth guide on How to buy Pregnancy Pillow. If you don’t know about Pregnancy Pillow: What is Pregnancy Pillow?

  • Drinking:

During pregnancy, the body of the woman undergoes various changes. Your uterus puts pressure on your bladder so cannot able to hold and you urinate as you sneeze or cough. So, avoid drinking at night.

Back vs Side vs Stomach Sleeping: Which Sleeping Position is Best for you?

Back vs Side vs Stomach Sleeping

Your sleep position affects not only your sleep but also your health. Your sleep position can cause back, hip pain and even causes, breast sag, and wrinkle.

Whether you are sleeping on your side and back they all are unequivocally better than sleeping on your stomach, there are pros and cons.

Let us discuss, how much better is your preferred sleeping position.

Side Sleeping:

Side sleeping is the best sleeping position and also recommended by doctors. Side sleeping helps in better blood circulation, keeps the spine align, supports fetal health.

Side sleeping also prevents various health issues like Acid Reflux, Sleep Apnea, and Snoring. If you are pregnant then the sleeping position is the best for you.

But also there are some downsides of Side Sleeping. During Side Sleeping your one side of your face is lying on the pillow, it causes Facial Wrinkles and breasts to lean downward it causes breast sag.

Back Sleeping:

Back Sleeping has also both pros and cons. Back sleeping prevents facial wrinkles, breast sag. It also useful for preventing neck pain.

But Back sleeping also has a downside. It increases the problem of sleep apnea and snoring. If you are pregnant then avoid sleeping on your back. Back sleeping compresses your uterus and harm your baby.

Stomach Sleeping:

Stomach sleeping, Whether you are pregnant or not Stomach sleeping is not good. It causes facial wrinkles, and breast sag. It also causes back, neck pain, and muscle strain.

Stomach sleeping also has a bright side. It prevents snoring and sleeps apnea. If you are pregnant then this sleeping position is not ideal for you.

This is all about your sleeping position. We clearly explain here that which is the best sleeping position?

Side sleeping is the best sleeping position for pregnant. But if you are not pregnant then you can sleep either on your side or back.

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Which sleeping position is not good during pregnancy?

According to experts, Tummy sleeping or back sleepers is not safe during pregnancy. In the early stages, it is not an issue of concern but during the second and third trimesters, it is not a safe position to Sleep. When a mother to be sleeps on her back the whole body weight and growing uterus rest on your back. And also back sleeping causes back pain, digestive issues, and poor circulation. Similarly, with the stomach sleeping, it may put pressure on your uterus. So, both the position are not good.

Can I hurt my baby by sleeping on my right side?

Right-side sleeping is safe and the same as left-side sleeping. It is a myth that right-side sleeping may harm your baby. Right side sleeping also reduces the risk of compression issues with IVC.

Is it bad to bend when Pregnant?

In the first trimester, bending doesn’t cause any harm to your baby. But During the second or third trimester, the baby is growing fastly and your uterus as well. Bending a lot during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage, preterm birth, and cause injury.

When should you stop sleeping on your tummy during pregnancy?

After 16 weeks, the uterus is expanding and the mother feels discomfort to sleep on her tummy. It is the time when you should stop sleeping on your tummy.


Many people like to sleep on their tummy. So don’t worry this is just a temporary change. It will help you and your baby for healthy growth.

There are various pregnancy aids in the market which helps you to sleep comfortably. I hope by this you have a clear idea of Can you sleep on your belly when pregnant?

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