How to close a Pillow with sewing

Do you want to Know How to Close a Pillow With a Sewing machine? But you don’t know how to Close it with a Sewing Machine? So, you are at right place.

We all are aware of Sewing machines. We use it for stitching various clothes. Now, you are thinking of using a Sewing Machine to Close your pillow.

But you are not sure How to sew a pillow with a sewing machine? This task sounds quite easy. But the reality is different.

To sew your pillow you need a great knowledge of measurement, How to operate a machine, and a little bit of knowledge of stitching. Otherwise, maybe you hurt yourself or mess your pillow.

In our today’s article, we are going to help you to accomplish the task with our easy and simple guide.

How to Close a Pillow with a Sewing machine? [5+ Steps]

How to Make a Pillow Cover with Sewing machine?

To help you, we come up with a solution. Here we are going to share with you simple steps to Close your pillow with Sewing Machine. Don’t overlook any step. Every step is important.

Before starting, you should collect or buy all the essentials in one place (fabric, buttons, zip, measurement tap). This will make your task easy.

Step 1: Choose a fabric

The first thing we need is the perfect fabric. There are various fabrics like cotton, linen, and Silk e.t.c. You can choose any of them.

But one thing please keeps in mind before opting for any material that What is your requirement? Experts suggested that silk and cotton are the best. They both are comfortable.

If you want a simple and comfy Pillow envelope then choose cotton but for an aesthetic look choose Silk. Silk gives elegant look to your room. Cotton is comfortable and not causes any skin irritation.

Step 2: Cutting

Take the fabric and a scissor. Make sure that your scissor should be sharp. Otherwise, it will lessen the quality of your fabric.

Cut the fabric in any desired shape like rectangular, and square. Then cut the two pieces of foam of any size.

Step 3: Stitching

Now, it’s time for stitching. So, don’t haste, it will cause a mess. Do it patiently. Adjust the layer of fabric one on others.

Hold the fabric with hands and stich it with sewing machine. Straight Stitch all the sides except one.

Step 4: Design

A box-like cover is ready. Now, you can design it. Use thread or any other decorative material to design your cover. After designing, press it with a hot iron. Hot iron helps to fix the design on your pillow.

Step 5: Inside material

Your pillow cover is almost ready. It looks like a pocket. Put the material inside the pocket. You can buy any material like cotton, feather, or any other material as your requirements.

Step 6: Stitching the left Over Side


The last step is the most important step. Many people asked this question How to close the remaining or left side of the Pillow?

When you put the material inside the cover it becomes big. Now it becomes difficult to stitch that side of Pillow. Sewing it with the machine is not possible.

So, you need to cut the cover larger than your requirements. Now you can easily stitch the cover with some extra gap.

With this technique, you can Close a Pillow With a Sewing machine. Your pillow is ready and Closed. Enjoy the comfort!

Kudos to you and give a Pat on your Shoulder for Finally Closing your Pillow with a Sewing Machine

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  • Before using a sewing machine, their are somethings that you need to know.

Safety measures while using a Sewing machine:

  • Maintain a distance from your machine. If you are sitting close to your Machine it may cause Injury.
  • Some machines work on electricity. So, be attentive while using it.
  • If your house is full of kids. Then turn off your Sewing Machine after using it(Electric Machine).
  • Concentrate on the sewing machine while working. If you get distracted you may run a needle over your fingers.

This is all about How to Close a Pillow With a Sewing machine. Now Some Alternative to Close a Pillow with Sewing Machine given Below:

How to Close a Pillow Without a Sewing machine? [5 Methods]

How to Make a Pillow Cover with hands?

Their are also some other methods to sew the Seam Opening without Sewing Machine.

1. How to Sew a Seam Opening of Pillow by Hands?

If you still find difficulty in sewing the Seam in the machine. The only solution is to sew it manually.

Use a thin hand needle and matching thread to stitch the last open side of Pillow. Stitch the Pillow with dense stitches.

Always, double stitch the seam to strengthen the seam. Now the stitching is like machine stitching.

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2. Button closure method

In the button closure method, you have to make a small hole in it to insert the material. After that fix a button in that area.

In the market various types of decorative buttons are available. Buttons also give an attractive look to your pillow.

3. Zip closure method

In the zip closure method, fix a zip system at any part of your pillow. Now you can easily insert the fabric inside it and close the zip. Zip is easy to use. There is no worry about stitching.


There is an advantage of the above-mentioned methods. You can easily change the insert material after some time.

4. Drawstring method

The drawstring method is very common. It is specifically for tube Pillow. It is not difficult. If you ever made a pair of pajamas or a tote bag. So, you can make a pillow with a drawstring easily.

5. How to Close a Pillow with Velcro?

Cut the fabric into two pieces in any shape. Now stitch the three sides with needle and thread. Also, stitch the fourth side from the corner and leave the apart open.

Turn your pillow inside out and Now take a pack of VELCRO Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics Tape.

Now take two strips of the same length as your pillow cover. Stick the one strip on one side and the loop tape on another side.

Insert the fabric inside it and fasten both the Velcro strips together for clean cushion closure.


How to Make a Pillow Cover without Sewing?

How to Make a Pillow Cover without Sewing?

If you don’t know how to use a Sewing machine and needles to sew your pillow. Then there is one way to make a Pillow cover without sewing.

Follow the given instructions carefully and make a pillow cover.

1. Cut the fabric

Take the measurements and cut the fabric. Make sure your cover is 3 times wide and 2 times high than your pillow foam.

2. Cover the Pillow foam

To cover the pillow foam, place it in the middle of the fabric. Now fold over the fabric in half to cover. Fold the remaining fabric in a triangular shape.

3. Tie a knot

Hold the triangular ends and then bring them to the center. Then tie a knot in front. If you don’t like to display your knot then turn it back to hide the knot.


Can you close a Pool with out Pillow??

If you are not using a pool air Pillow then there is a chance that the ice would expand on outside. It puts pressure on the pool wall. It causes serious damage to your pool walls.

What stitch to use to close Pillow?

The slip stitch is the perfect method to use to close Pillow. Take a thread of the same color and needle. Stitching is invisible and it gives great finishing hemp.

What is the strongest stitch?

Straight stitching with a sewing machine is the strongest. It is very hard to tear it. When you straight stitch with nylon or polyester, it gives long-lasting results.

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I hope a simple and easy guide on How to Close a Pillow With a Sewing machine is helpful for you. Try this technique for Closing a Pillow without any difficulty.

We also suggested some other ways to close your pillow. So, try any of the above methods and share your experience in the comments. Also, follow the safety measures.