How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow? Is this your first pregnancy? Are you having difficulty in sleeping? Are you not able to sleep comfortably? Are you looking for the Best pregnancy pillow?

Are you unaware of the vast variety of pillows? Are you unaware of its benefits? Do you want to know about How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow? Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide?

When a woman enters the pregnancy period, it becomes difficult for her to perform work and even it is difficult for her to take a comfortable and calm sleep or rest.

Whether it is the first trimester or third, it is difficult for her to manage everything with the growing bump and the increasing weight.

You cannot bend properly, with a heavy bump, you feel weak, and without proper rest, you feel sleepy because it is difficult to have a comfortable sleep with this growing body and weight.

So, this Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide comes as a blessing for pregnant women, especially for those who are having trouble sleeping comfortably.

If you don’t have enough time? Just go to our review of Best Pregnancy Pillow (Under your Budget & according to your requirements) or pick from below table:

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2.Boppy Pregnancy Wedge PillowTarget Specific Area42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
3.AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey CoverMultipurpose Pillow42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
4.QUEEN ROSE U Shaped Pregnancy PillowMultiPositional Pillow42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
5.Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for MaternityBest for Traveling42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
6.Restorology Full Body Pregnancy PillowAnyone Can Use this42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
7.Bluestone Full Body Contour U Shape PillowHelpful for Nursing too42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
8.PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow U shaped full Body Pregnancy PillowOrthopedic Pillow42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922
9.Tempur Pedic Standard Body PillowMultipurpose Pillow42 423012 red buy now buttons hd png download removebg preview e1606548395922

Editor’s Choice:

Here is the Editor’s Best PickPharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow and Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

Now lets jump to our main topic…

So, today we are going to give you a Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide or How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow.

Firstly, let me clear you about What is Pregnancy Pillow and other things related to this.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow? [Benefits & Types]

A pregnancy pillow also commonly known as a maternity pillow, is a pillow used mainly by a female when she is pregnant, to support her growing bump or relax her body while resting or sleeping.

For more details about What is a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy pillows are designed according to the need of pregnant women, to accommodate the body and bump.

  • Different Types of Pregnancy Pillow?

They come in a vast variety. They are of different shapes, sizes, fabrics, fillings, and prices.

There are pillows that are long and provide support to the full-body, a few are for specific body areas like the back or knees, a few are designed for sitting on an office chair, and there are many more.

There are different pillows according to the need of the pregnant woman. But there is no universally perfect pillow that can fulfill all the needs. They are of different designs according to their different specifications.

Don’t worry we explained this in-depth below. So, just go with the flow and make your Best Choice online in Buying Pregnancy Pillow.

What to Know Before Buying a Pregnancy Pillow?

There are different factors according to which you can decide, which pillow is suitable for you, and which one you should buy, and many more things.

So, this is a complete guide for the pregnancy pillow. Read the full article and it will be easy for you to decide the pillow suitable for you.

For the first time pregnant women it will be a little difficult to decide the perfect pillow for them.

But for those who are second or third trimester, it will be a little bit easy, so be a little willing to try a new pillow for you and your baby.

Checkout: Best Pregnancy Pillow to Buy

7+ Benefits of a perfect pregnancy pillow!

  • It is difficult for a pregnant woman to get sleep properly because of multiple reasons’ Statement by the experts at the National Sleep Foundation. So, a pillow is important for staying comfortable during your sleep or while you are resting.
  • If your sleeping posture is correct it increases the blood circulation without which it can be dangerous for you and your baby.
  • It is necessary to have good sleep before delivery.
  • As you and your baby are growing, the pillow will be of great help to find a comfortable position at night especially for those who sleep sideways.
  • It relieves pressure on the spine, back, and hips, as they start aching if you have bad posture during sleep or due to heavyweight gain.
  • It can also decrease your sleeping position on the stomach, as it may be dangerous for you and your baby.
  • You can also use it after your delivery, for keeping your baby in a position while breastfeeding.

For more details about the Benefits of a pregnancy pillow.

Now let me explain to you the Types of Pregnancy Pillow. So, that you will Pick Some Best Pillow according to its Shape.

What are the different types of pregnancy pillow?

Now, this is a proper guide on How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow, a complete guide for you to select a Pregnancy Pillow from different ranges of pillows.

Here is all about the different types of pregnancy pillows available in the market with their names.

#1. Wedge shaped pillow:

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It is a very popular pillow and can be multi-functional. You can use it pre or post-delivery. They are small in size. They are the cheapest pregnancy pillow.


They can be a round wedge pillow or triangular pillow.


  • You can put it below the bump, or you can use it to elevate the back and legs.
  • It Can be used post-pregnancy as while watching TV.
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#2. Total body pillow:

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They have a curvy nature, they surround you completely. They support both sides.

This pillow is one of the most popular ones because of its shape and supporting nature, especially for your third trimester. They almost support the whole of the body.


They are C shaped or U shaped.


  • They give you support for the neck, back, between knees, and stomach also. It provides good support to your spine.
  • It helps in relieving back pains. It Can be used by any female of any height, as it is approx 5-6 inches long.

There are two types of total body pillows:

  • C Shaped:

As the name suggests it is C shaped and provides good support for the head, neck, back, and knees, but not much for the stomach.

  • U Shaped:

It is a U shaped pillow. And best for those who sleep sideways or on their back. It gives good support to the back and stomach also.

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#3. Full length pillow:

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It is the same as a normal traditional long pillow, also known or marketed as a standard body pillow. But this pregnancy pillow is longer than the usual ones. They can provide you comfort you are looking for.


It is Simple long shaped pillow.


  • Unlike the C or U shaped pillow, it provides support only for one side at a time.
  • They are straight, but few are flexible and can be turned and twisted according to your need.
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#4. Bean shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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It is small or compact.


It is bean shaped, but it is small in length.


  • They provide support for a specific body part only, that needs extra care. Like sitting on a chair, or you can keep them between legs.
  • You can carry them while traveling also and they are quite affordable.
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#5. Inflatable pillows

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They are also small and can be deflated as the name suggests. They act good for specific spots for a pregnant woman according to their needs.


  • There is one plus point that they can inflate and you can use them under your stomach if you want to sleep on your stomach.
  • It can prevent your stomach from extra pressure and so protects your baby. You can also adjust its fullness according to your need.
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How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow? | How to choose the right pregnancy Pillow?

how to buy pregnancy pillow

Now if you are confused about Which pregnancy pillow to buy? or What are the things to know before buying a pillow?

Don’t worry I am going to explain more about this in this section of How to buy Pregnancy Pillow under your Budget and requirements.

Or Which pillow will suit you the best? Then check out these points mentioned below. Then decide according to your requirements.

Here comes a proper guide with the questions you can ask yourself before buying Pregnancy Pillow.

1. Size:

Here is good news that the pillow comes in a wide variety of sizes. There are some questions you can ask yourself to know which size will be best for you.

Where will you be sleeping? What is the size of your bed? Do others also sleep with you? Do you have a proper place for storage? Will you be traveling when you are pregnant.

2. Shape:

Whenever you go to buy a pillow you always see the shape, so the same you have to do here before buying a pregnancy pillow.

Firstly you need to know if you want a pillow for the overall body or for any specific area. For example: if you want elevation you need to have a wedge pillow.

Or if you want to sleep on your stomach you will need an inflatable pillow But if you want to sit on a chair you will need a bean-shaped pillow. So decide according to your requirements.

3. Filling:

As you know there are different materials used for the filling of a pillow. So, the same is the case here, you need to know which material will be suitable for you. As the material can impact your sleep and comfort.

  • Polyester fiber filling:

They are one of the most popular fillings used in a pillow. They can be firm according to the quality used of polyester fiber, but they have a shorter lifespan of approx 2-3 years.

They even absorb dust and heat. If you are allergic to any dust particles then you should avoid this filling for your pillow.

  • Styrofoam ball filling:

As the name suggests this type of filling has very small balls that are soft and have air inside and mostly used in bean bags or pillows.

They are lighter in weight because of air and can accommodate your body shape very easily. They are cheaper than other fillings.

  • Micro beads filling:

These varieties of fillings also have small balls but are quite sandy, which may feel good. One can twist and turn with it easily.

  • Memory foam pillow:

They are also easy to deal with. They may help reduce body aches.

  • Buckwheat pillow:

As they are filled with buckwheat hulls, they are organic and are resistant to heat and dust. They are durable and can last up to a decade also.

  • Therapeutic pillows:

This water is filled in a polyester pouch. Experts also recommend this type of pillow for pregnant women, as it can relieve neck and back pains.

  • Organic filling:

This includes all the natural filling like wool, bamboo kapok and etc. They are very well resistant to dust. So we highly recommend it to the females who are allergic to dust.

But the drawback is they lose their shape and texture after some time.

4. Fabric:

Some are removable and some are not, some can be washed and some cannot. So taking care of this can help you select a good pillow for you.

Some are made of cotton, organic cotton, jersey knit, polyester knit, etc. Also check if the pillow is making any noise, especially if you easily get disturbed by noises around.

5. Sleep position:

Your sleep position can also be a factor to decide which type of pillow will suit you.

Like if you mostly sleep on your stomach, then prefer buying an inflatable pillow, if you sleep mostly on one side then prefer buying, full-length pillow, and so on.

You can check the different types of pillow written above for the same.

6. Trimester:

There is no boundation according to the trimester. You should have a pillow from the day you feel uncomfortable and empty without it.

Within 20 weeks of pregnancy, the belly starts growing and causes pain and aches also as the weight is increasing.


So you should decide on your own when there is a need for you. These are some things you should Know Before Buying a pregnancy pillow.

If you are liking our Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide, Then give it a share with your female friends. Maybe they need this How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow.

Let’s Go through some Frequently asked questions by womens on Pregnancy pillow buying guide.

Also, check:


Is it safe to sleep on the right side when pregnant?

Whether you sleep on the left side or right, it is good for both baby and you. As it helps in increasing the blood circulation and doesn’t put much pressure on your belly and back. But sleeping on the left side may help reduce the extra pressure on the liver. But it is fine on both sides.

Is it safe to sleep on your stomach or belly when pregnant?

Yes, it is until you are feeling comfortable. The baby is protected very well inside the womb by a cushion that is naturally made inside the belly of a mother. But to be on the safer side one can use an inflatable pillow or bean bag pillow.

Is it worth it to buy a pregnancy pillow?

Yes, it is if you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Pregnancy pillows can ease your sleep and provide you with the best comfort and support. Even you can use them post-delivery. And even in day to day life also, if you love sleeping while hugging a pillow.

What if you accidentally sleep on your back while pregnant?

Well, it is fine if you sleep accidentally, the issue is the belly presses against your intestine and major blood vessels like the vena cava which takes blood back to the heart from the body. And it can be uncomfortable for you and your baby.

Which is the best position to sleep during pregnancy?

One should prefer a sideways position as in this position maximum blood circulation can occur. It also helps relieving you from back and spine pains.


This is all about Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide or How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow. In the end, I would recommend you to have proper knowledge about the pregnancy pillows before buying them and know what kind of comfort and support you need the most.

Take the help of this pregnancy pillow guide and just go on for buying the best one for you.

That’s it for this Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide or How to buy right Pregnancy Pillow for you. Share this with your friend.

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