How to fix a Lumpy Pillow? Do you want to fix a lumpy Pillow? Are you not able to sleep because of your lumpy Pillow?

If you are using a lumpy Pillow, it really affects your health. Lumpy Pillow causes neck stiffness, pain, shoulder, back pain, and disrupt sleep.

Everyone wants a comfortable Pillow because a Comfortable Pillow is a guarantee of good sleep.

True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment, and refreshment“- William Penn

After a tiring and hectic day, we are in rush to go home and want to sleep with our Comfortable and Cozy Pillow.

But once you become aware of lumps in your pillow, all your excitement goes in vain.

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In this article we are going to share some secrets on How to fix a Lumpy Pillow. After that you will be able to fix Lumpy Pillow Like a Pro.

Why your Pillow Become lumpy?

Why Your Pillow Become Lumpy

When you buy a new Pillow, it is fluffy and comfortable. But with the passage of time, it becomes flat or lumpy.

It is very painful when your favorite Pillow becomes lumpy and uncomfortable. So, here we are going to tell you Why your Pillow become lumpy?

A pillow gets lumpy over time. You are using your pillow every day. It becomes part of your life. It collects dirt, debris, and moisture.

This thing makes your pillow lumpy. To make your pillow again lumps free you need to get rid of moisture and dirt inside

Well, there are some materials that are used as Pillow stuffing, over time they get lumpy when they are not plumped up by shaking.

The Best method to make your Pillow lumps free is to wash and dry it time to time.

How to fix a lumpy Pillow? [5+ Amazing hacks]

How to fix a lumpy pillow?

There are various methods to fix a lumpy Pillow. There is no need to go anywhere to fix it. You can easily fix it at home with these amazing tricks.

1. How to get Lumps out of your Pillow using Tennis Ball?

How to get Lumps out of your Pillow using Tennis Ball?

We all have played a lot with tennis balls but very few people know that you can fix the lumps of your pillow with the tennis ball.

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get lumps out of your pillow.

Here we are with the step by step guide for you:

  • For lumps free Pillow, you should dry your pillow once a month.
  • Put your pillow in the dryer with a tennis ball. Wrap a tennis ball in a sock and put it with Pillow in the dryer for a few minutes.
  • The Tennis ball will knock out all the lumps from your pillow and it will make your pillow lumps free.
  • If this trick doesn’t work then you can try another method.

2. How to repair lumpy Pillow manually?

 How to repair lumpy Pillow manually?

Feather or down Pillow usually become lumpy. They are lightweight so, they compress and clump under your weight. It also absorbs all your sweat while sleeping at night.

The best method to make your Pillow free from lumps is that try some punches or karate chops on your pillow. This method will help full for the feathers Pillow.

This treatment may need every day for your fluffy and lumps free Pillow

3. How to make your Pillow Lumps free by removing stuffing?

How to Make Your Pillow Lumps Free By Removing Stuffing

Pillows are stuffed with different types of material. They get lumpy after using for some time. So, restuff your pillow with these simple steps:

  1. On your pillow, there is an area where you can see the stitching.
  2. Remove the stitching from one side of the Pillow.
  3. Now Remove the stuffing from the pillow.
  4. Pull apart all lumps in your pillow with your hands.
  5. Also, wash the outside cover of your pillow. (It is difficult to wash the cover with stuffing)
  6. When you are done, rearrange it back in Pillow and sew it up.

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4. How to fix your lumpy without a Tennis ball?

How to fix your lumpy without a Tennis ball?

Using a tennis ball can fix lumps but it is not necessary to use a tennis ball. There is an easy way to rescue your lumpy pillow without a tennis ball.

  • You can use some t-shirts instead of a tennis ball.
  • Roll the T-shirts like a ball in the dryer with a Pillow.
  • You can also use some stuffed toys instead of tennis balls to get your pillow lumps free.

5. Extra tip for your lumps free Pillow:-

As we discussed Various Methods on How to Fix a Lumpy Pillow. Now here are some tips you can follow to prevent the Lumps in Pillow.

  • Once a month, you should place your pillow in the sunshine.
  • Sunshine kills the bacteria and dry out the moisture of your pillow that causes lumps.
  • Before washing your pillow, must read all the given instructions on your pillow.

This is all about How to fix a lumpy pillow? Now there are some other pillow or cushions that are not washable in the machine or dry with a tennis ball. Then here we are going to tell you How to Rescue your Saggy sofa cushion?

How to rescue your Saggy Sofa Cushions?

How to rescue your Saggy Sofa Cushions?

The sofa cushions are meant to decorate your room. They are expensive and have some embroidery work.

You can’t wash them in your washing machine with a tennis ball. The best way to reduce your sagging sofa cushion is to restuff it.

  • Unzip or remove the stitching from one side.
  • Start filling the stuffing in your cushion. ( If you don’t want to remove the old stuffing then pull apart all the lumps with your hand).
  • Rearrange your cushion and sew it.

There is no need to buy a new cushion. This is a simple and cheap way to rescue your saggy sofa cushion.

Now, you can easily buy stuffing material Online like Polyfill. Check Stuffing Material Here.

How to fix a saggy top mattress?

How to fix a saggy top mattress?

Many people feel difficulty in sleeping due to saggy mattresses. Proper care is essential for everything.

If you check your mattress from time to time and take some care, Then your mattress doesn’t become saggy so early. So, these easy methods help you to fix your saggy mattress.

Flip and rotate

Flip and rotate your top mattress from time to time. To prevent it from getting saggy and sinking it is important. Rotating your mattress every three to six months is good.

Mostly the sagging occurs in the areas of the mattresses that are put under the most pressure by your body while sleeping.

These areas are around the hips and shoulders. By Rotating your mattress, the heavier parts of your body rest on areas of the mattress that are not yet sagging.

Add Extra Support By Adding Ply wood

Another way to fix the saggy mattress is by using plywood. Playwood is a thin sheet. Placed it between the mattress.

It is should be the same as the size of the bed. If the plywood is small then it causes sinking or sagging on the sides.

Use Pillow To Support Saggy Area

Place some Pillows under the depressed area of the mattresses. This changes the pressure levels and makes your mattress to return to its original shape.

It is a quick and simple way to attempt fixing a saggy mattress. If one pillow is not enough then use a combination of pillows.

The more support you can add to your mattress, the better results you will get.


How long should a pillow last?

If you take care of the Pillow properly it may last long for more than 5 years or even more. It depends on how you are using it. You must wash it from time to time. You can also use a Pillow sham or cover to protect it from moisture or dirt.

How to stuff a pillow?

To stuff Pillow at home, remove the stitching from one side and pull apart the lumps in your pillow with your hand then arrange it back and sew the Pillow.

How do I stop my pillows from getting lumpy in the wash?

Wash your pillow with some other items like stuff toys to ensure the balance load. Dry it with a tennis ball and at low hear. It will stop Pillow from getting lumpy.

How do you unclamp a pillow?

Squeeze it in and out with your hand and try some punches on your pillow. Then see the result your pillow is now unclamped than before.


This is all about How to Fix a Lumpy Pillow. Lumpy Pillow makes your pillow useless and uncomfortable. Sleeping with a lumpy Pillow causes many problems.

We have also Covered How to fix a saggy top mattress? and How to rescue your Saggy Sofa Cushions?

So, try any of the above methods to get rid of lumpy Pillow and enjoy again the same comfort and sleep.