How to fluff your Pillow? Who is in this world doesn’t like to go home and sleep on the soft and fluffy Pillow after a tiring day?

This excitement is for a few days after buying a pillow but once this Pillow becomes to lose its fluffiness all excitement went away.

Good sleep is like a medicine that makes you more productive and innovative. The fluffy and comfortable Pillow helps you to get quality sleep.

But as we know the fluffy Pillow is just for somedays and after that, there is again the same problem.

If you are facing the same problem with your pillow. So, this Guide on How to Fluff your Pillow is for you.

How to fluff your Pillow? [Different Methods]

how to fluff your pillow

Here we are going to tell you some amazing secrets, with the help of these Secrets you can easily fluff your pillow at home without any hard work.

Get ready to convert your old, dull and flat Pillow into the new fluffy and comfortable Pillow.

How to Fluff Your Pillow without Dryer?

Pillows are made of different material (Polyester fiberfill, memory foam). It is not suitable for every pillow to fluff in dryer. You can use natural ways like sunshine, Fresh air, hands. These methods are easy but effective.

Here we are going to discuss some starling tricks to fluff your Pillow without dryer.

1. How to Fluff your Pillow by Hand?

how to fluff your pillow by hand?

It sounds like Crazy How can we fluff a pillow with a hand? It must be a joke but no guys this is the easiest way to Fluff your Pillow. You don’t need any kind of gadgets to fluff your pillow.

Follow these given steps to fluff your pillow with hand.

  1. Firstly, grab both ends of the Pillow with your hand. Now, push the ends of the Pillow in and out. Do this at least for 30 seconds. You can then easily reshape the Pillow with your hands. But make sure that you are not allergic to feathers.
  2. Next, hit your pillow with punches, smack, and kneeds. This helps your pillow to break up the lumps and helps in proper airflow.

Now, definitely your pillow is bit thicker but if this trick didn’t work then go on the next one.

2. How to Fluff your Pillow in Sunshine?

How to Fluff your Pillow with Sunshine?

The easiest and the most effective method to fluff your pillow is to leave a Pillow in the Sunshine. Maybe you don’t believe it but it is true.

Sunshine is the natural and priceless method for fluffing your Pillow. When you are resting your face on the pillow, it can absorb a lot of moisture all thanks to sweat and drool.

So, leave your pillow outside in the sun for some time, it helps to evaporate any moisture in the pillow and restore it to its fluffy state.

But make sure that you shouldn’t leave your pillow in humid weather.

How to fluff your Pillow in dryer?

Washing is essential for your pillow to get rid of dirt but also for fluffing your pillow. After washing you need to dry your pillow. So, let us discuss How you can fluff your pillow in the dryer?

There are two ways to use the dryer to fluff your pillow. One is with a tennis ball and the other is without a tennis ball.

1. How to Fluff your Pillow with Tennis Ball?

 How to Fluff your Pillow with tennis ball?

Before trying this method, read the instructions carefully given on your pillow. Mostly tumble dryer is not safe for every pillow.

To fluff your pillow in the dryer, place your pillow in the dryer. You also need an agitator to knead the Pillow. You can use a tennis ball as an agitator.

So, a tennis ball inside a tube sock Works great as an agitator. But also put some clothes, stuffed teddies in the dryer.

The tennis ball perfectly pounds your pillow and break up the material also helps in proper airflow.


Don’t think washing and drying are the same. It doesn’t mean if you dry your pillow, you can wash it. If you still want to wash it then make sure that your pillow is completely dry. A damp Pillow will compress more and cause an odor.

2. How to Fluff your Pillow with out tennis ball?

How to Fluff your Pillow without a tennis ball?

If you want to fluff your pillow without a tennis ball. So, here are some alternatives to this. You can place a T-shirt by wrapping it in the shape of a ball and start the dryer.

You can also use stuffed toys also. This technique will help your pillow to fluff.

Tips to follow every day for fluffy Pillow.

  • To fluff, your pillow makes it your habit to kneed your pillow every day after waking up in the morning.
  • Change the position of your pillow from time to time. If you place your pillow in the same position for a long time it may deflate.
  • If you are tired and frustrated then make your pillow a punching bag. Punch your pillow, it vents out your frustration and also makes Pillow fluffy.

Amazing Hacks for Down & Throw Pillow

Here we are going to discuss some particular methods to fluff Down pillows and Throw pillows.

1. How to fluff down Pillow?

 How to fluff down Pillow?

Down Pillow is so comfortable but with time they also lose their fluffiness. To re-fluff, your down Pillow try these amazing hacks:


Put your down Pillow in the dryer. Make sure your pillow is protected with a zipper cover. Otherwise, a loose feather comes out.

Use Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet

Moisten the fabric softener dryer sheet. Put it together with your pillow in the dryer. This not only fluffs your pillow but also give a fresh fragrance to your down Pillow.

Air dry only

Only Air dry your down Pillow. Too much heat can harm your down Pillow and also causes an unpleasant smell.

Air drying absorb the moisture in your pillow and make it fluffy.

Air them out

Once in a month, lay your pillow in fresh air and sunshine. It is a natural way to fluff your down Pillow.

2. How to fluff your throw pillow?

How to Fluff your Throw pillow?

Throw pillows are the cheapest but best to dress up your couch. But when they become lumpy and saggy. They look so bad. So, here are some easy tricks to re-fluff your throw pillow.

Firstly, lay down your pillow on a flat surface. Hit the Pillow on both sides, left, right, and top and bottom.

Try some karate chop in the middle of the Pillow and perk up the corners of the Pillow. Now prop your pillow on the couch.

Consumer Queries:

What is the use of a Pillow Protector or Cover?

Pillow cover or we say Pillow protector they will protect your pillow from dirt, oil, and grease. As a result, your pillow remains fluffy for a long time. A pillow without cover may flatten sooner.

Also, Pillow Covers or Pillow Shams helps you to make your room more stylish and Decorative.

If you want to know more about Pillow Shams, What is Pillow Sham, and Best Pillow Sham? Click Here: Best Pillow Shams

Why Should I Fluff My Pillow?

Well, if you use the pillow of the right height, loft, and firmness then it helps you to align in the correct position.

This helps you to release the pressure on your head, neck, and spine. This will increase the chance that you will get up with a fresh mind and feel amazing each morning.

But with passing time the filling of your pillow can become flatten or compressed because of using it regularly.

So, if you don’t fluff your pillow, you may face issues with your spinal alignment and poor angle in your head, and neck.

So, you should fluff your pillow time to time to avoid all these problems.

When is it Time to Change Your Pillows?

After using your pillow for a long time, there is a time when none of the above methods helps you to fluff your pillow. You notice the balls and dents feel like bumps then it’s time to say goodbye to your pillow.

You can also try another method to check that it’s time to say goodbye or not. Squeeze your pillow from both ends if it comes to its normal position. So, there is a chance but if it doesn’t then it’s time to change your pillow immediately.

The pillow is made of different varieties of material. So, no pillow is for a lifetime. There is a time when your filling life is ended and it is not for more use.

Go to market and buy the another one for your comfort and convenience.

How to fix a lumpy pillow?

Lumps in the pillow are another big problem. It causes discomfort while sleeping. It affects our health. Lumpy pillow causes Body ache, Disrupt sleep. It is necessary to fix your lumpy pillow. There are various methods to fix it. You can fix it in the dryer or by hand.

If you want to know more on Fix Lumpy Pillow Click Here: How to fix a lumpy pillow?


How do I make Pillow fluffy?

Fluffing your pillow is essential from time to time. There are various methods to fluff your pillow. One of the easiest and natural way to fluff your pillow is to leave your pillow in the sunshine for some time. Make sure you change its position from time to time.

How do you get lumps out of Pillow?

Lumps in Pillow is a big problem. It causes discomfort while sleeping on your pillow. To get rid of this, put your pillow with a tennis ball in the dryer. The tennis ball perfectly knocks out all the lumps and makes your pillow fluffy again.

Does washing a Pillow ruin it?

No, not at all washing doesn’t ruin your pillow. Even after washing your pillow become clean and shiny. Wash your pillow at least once a month. If you wash your pillow in the washing machine then wash two Pillow at a time for better results.


To make your sleep comfortable and peaceful you need a perfect comfortable Pillow. A fluffy Pillow increases your sleep and makes you more efficient for the next morning.

But after using it for a long time it may flatten and become inconvenient. So, you need to fluff it. We have already discussed various methods for you on How to Fluff your pillow.

Just go through any of the above methods and make your old, flatten, and dull pillow into a Fluffy and comfy Pillow. Try the above-mentioned methods and comment down below your thoughts.

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