Are you curious to know that How to sanitize and disinfect pillows even if they are non – washable . So here we are with the solution of this problem .

After a daily hectic lifestyle of pregnancy it is very important to have a great sleep during night , which is very important for both mother and infants . also, a healthy sleep is considered as a good therapy .

Especially during pregnancy maintaining hygiene is a big concern as it is a very sensitive time for mother and baby , exposure to any kind of pathogen can be a great risk . for maintaining a healthy sleep environment for mother it is very important to sanitize and disinfect your pillows and other bed linen .

Now moving forward with the fact that some pillows comes with the material like latex and memory foams which are non washable .

So the question arises that how could we disinfect these kind of pillows . let me help you with this . yes this is right that , not all pillows and cushions are rinse able but there are so many other alternatives for that to . in this article we are going to explore some possible ways to over come this problem .


How to Disinfect Pillows?

Sometimes we expose our pillows to some really vicious germs , dust and other pathogens which may cause hazards to your health, if your skin is sensitive it may cause you allergies . so it is important to sanitize and disinfect you pillows and other bedding regularly .

There are so many ways which could be used to disinfect your pillows

Dusting off your Pillow

Starting with very first option and that is vacuum cleaner with upholstery , which helps to suck all the dust , smut , pet dander and other infection causing agents .

These vacuum cleaner can also be replaced by lint rollers sometimes as it does not require any additional moisture or chemical spray

How to wipe Spots and Stains? 

However sometimes we mistakenly spill something on pillow which needs to be clear .

It can be wipe out by pouring some alcohol on a white cotton swab and rub it on the stain it will help to remove the spots and stain easily .

Vinegar is one of the good option for removing splatter . for this you just have to put some vinegar in a tray and dab it on the mark . also , the home made solution of baking soda , washing soda and vinegar can also help in vanishing spots.

 How to get rid of Bad odors of your Pillow?

Due to humid environment your pillows may get fungus which can lead to bad odors which may interrupt your healthy sleep .

To get rid of this there are several course of options , for example you can spray some baking soda on pillows and rest it for 50-60 minutes . then with the help of any vacuum cleaner take that baking soda out of the cushion .

Also , you can use lavender oils to spray it on pillows as , they are considered to have anti-bacterial properties .

In addition to this you should make sure that your pillows are well exposed to sunlight for reducing humidity in them , also keep you bed room highly ventilated so that it didn’t seize any kind of fungus , bacteria and prevent them to cause any kind of bad smell .

How to Sanitize Your Pillows During Covid–19?


Amid in covid – 19 , sanitizing your pillows and bed linen is a huge concern .

Since we are talking about non-washable pillows so the question arises “ How to sanitize your non-washable pillow ? “  the answer is very simple you can use and soap solution spray or any alcohol based sanitizers  and simply spray it on your pillow .

Also you can cover your pillows with pillow covers so that you can take them off and wash it easily .

A highly recommended point is that you should always air-dry you pillow even after using all the above mentioned procedure because if your is not dried properly it can become host to many pathogens and can cause infection , allergies etc .

That is why you should make sure that you are giving a proper sunlight exposure to your pillow and air – dried it carefully .

So these are some important and easy steps which you can use to disinfect and sanitize you pillows and make your sleep more effective and healthy .  

How often to clean the bed pillows?

Dirt , sweat , oil , stains can interrupt your sleep and make us really uncomfortable during night .

In that case you left with the option of cleaning your pillows . now the question arise that how often you should wash or clean your pillows .

There is no specific concept of how often you should wash your pillow , it depends on so many other reason also such as ; your skin sensitivity some people have a really sensitive skin type so they are advised to wash their pillows after every 3 months . otherwise if you wash twice or thrice in a year then also it is okay .

Cleaning of your pillow also depends on your standards of sanitization and personal hygiene . If you want then you can clean your pillow more often like once in two months .

But there are some precautions which you have to keep in your mind for example : the cautions given by the companies .

Washing your pillow also depends on the material of your pillow . washing your foam pillow is really a bad idea . for such material , there are several other option which I already mentioned above .


Sometimes we all are very busy in our life that we don’t even have a time for our life . after a highly occupied day all we need is a good sleep , because night is the only time which we have to pamper our self.

This article will help you For a healthy life it is important that you follow all small or big steps in order to maintain it . If you want a healthy life , you must have a great sleep which can be attained by drawing attention towards the basic sanity of your pillows and beddings .

This article is all about , how you can easily maintain your sanity by following some very easy steps. Disinfecting and sanitizing your pillow is very important part as it is directly linked with you and your sleep and also . Don’t forget to pamper yourself , you deserve a good sleep .