How to Sleep with Body Pillow? Sleep is like fuel for our body. It is the most important thing for us. A good sleep makes us happy and healthy. But sometimes when we get up in the morning we feel pain and stress.

It is because we didn’t sleep well at night. Maybe your mattress is not good or maybe you slept in an awkward position.

Here the body pillow comes in the role. Whether you are a side sleeper or waking up with body pain.

Then you really want a Body Pillow. It will become your best friend. I promise you that the Body Pillow will become your favorite sleeping partner.

Let me tell you more about Body Pillows. It is a complete guide for you on How to Sleep with Body Pillow. Here we tell you How to use a Body pillow? and Benefits of Sleeping with Body Pillow.

How to Sleep with Body Pillow for Comfortable Sleep?

Firstly What is Body Pillow?

How to Sleep with Body Pillow for Comfortable Sleep?

Body Pillows are long and narrow Pillow of different shapes like U, C, and J. They specifically designed by experts to provide support to your whole body. Body pillow helps to align the spine in the right alignment and relieve Pressure Points.

Different types of body pillow

I-shaped Pillow:

You have to guess the Shape of the Pillow from its name. It is like a letter I. I-shaped pillow helps to support the knee, leg, and head.

U-Shaped Pillow:

This Pillow is like a letter U. This Pillow supports your belly and back at the same time. This body pillow is perfect to support your arms and back from both the right or left sides.

C-Shaped Pillow:

This Pillow is like the letter C. This Pillow is useful during and after pregnancy. C shape Pillow helps you to support your knees or neck while sleeping.

J-Shaped Pillow:

The J-Shaped pillow makes your sleep comfortable. This Pillow is best for those who are suffering from snoring loudly problems.

How to Sleep with Body Pillow?

How to Sleep with Body Pillow

There are many different ways to use a Body Pillow. But it depends on you how you want to use it. It is a matter of your comfort. So, try it and then decide which position suits you.

Here we are going to discuss on some of the common positions of Body Pillow.

#1. Pressure Point Relief

When you are using a firm mattress, it easily aggravates the pressure points. When you wake up you feel pain in your hips and other body parts.

It is because your body is not getting proper support. Maybe you are sleeping in an awkward position that leads to discomfort and pain.

This results in improper spinal alignment. Now, What is the solution? Body pillows are long and supportive. Body pillow takes proper care of all these problems.

  • How to Sleep with Body Pillow during this Problem?

Place your body pillow along with your body. Now take another side of Pillow between your knees. In this way, the body pillow aligns your spine in the right alignment. It will release pressure from your hips and keeps you relax.

#2. For lessens tossing and turning

How do you feel when you are tired but not able to fell asleep. That what exactly tossing and turning means.

When you are not comfortable while sleeping you will toss and turn the whole night. You need a supportive Pillow to hold. It will provide you support. Body pillows are helpful at that time.

  • How to Sleep with Body Pillow during this Problem?

Just hug Body Pillow from the front and fell asleep. Body pillows are very comfy. It also increases the quality of your sleep.

#3. Improving alignment

If you are a side sleeper then you definitely know that how tiring is to sleep on one side. Your entire body weight is on one side.

Sometimes it causes discomfort and pain. It also puts pressure on your back. But a body pillow helps you to sleep properly and allows your muscles to relax.

Use a body pillow (especially U shape – It provides support to your back and belly at same time)

  • How to Sleep with Body Pillow during this Problem?

Hug your body pillow and place it from the front and the lower part between your knees. This the most comfortable sleeping position for a side sleeper. Now your body weight is evenly distributed.

Some other methods to use a Body Pillow:

  • Use a body pillow, along the length of your body.
  • If you’re a side sleeper then place the pillow between your legs.
  • The most common way to use it to hug the body pillow or gently rest your hands on it.

Try any of the above method and share you experience with us.

Why Should we use body pillow?

Why Should we use body pillow?

Body pillows are really helpful and worth your money. Body pillow deals with many health problems. They provide us comfort and make our sleep mesmerizing.

Let us discuss them one by one.


Body Pillow is long enough to support your ankles and shoulder. These Pillows take all the pressure from your joints.

When you sleep without any support, then your body weight puts pressure on your different body parts depends on your sleeping position. So, use a body pillow and fell asleep.


Nowadays back pain is the most common problem. It is due to our wrong sitting or lying habit. So, try a body pillow it will help you to keep your spine in the right alignment.

Also, body pillow lessen your back pain.

Recovery from Surgery

If you are recovering from your surgery especially hip or knee replacement. Then the body pillow is really good for you.


During Pregnancy body pillows are like a boon. When your tummy is expanding and makes your sleep difficult. Then body pillow helps you.

They are specially designed with mom to be in mind. Body Pillow provides support to your whole body.


Is it good to Sleep with a Body Pillow?

A body pillow provides your body extra support and comfort while sleeping. Usually people sleep in improper manner which causes serious problems. A body pillow is like a life saver. It helps in relieving body pain and increase blood circulation.

Can sleeping with Body Pillow help your

Ofcourse, Body Pillow are different from your mattress. A body pillow helps to relieve pressure points and also reduce back and neck pain. Body pillow provides whole body support.

Where do I put my arms when sleeping on side??

A right sleeping position helps your body to get relief from bodyache, anxiety and many more. So, when you are sleeping on your side make sure that your arms are on right place. So, keep your hands and arms below your face and neck. This position helps to prevent the collapse between hip and knee joint.

What is the healthiest way to sleep?

The healthiest way to sleep is side sleeping. Side sleeping is the best way to sleep recommended by doctors. This position helps in proper blood circulation, relieve from bodyache and also useful during pregnancy.


This is all about How to Sleep with Body Pillow? Body pillows are a boon for those who are unable to sleep comfortably after a tiring day. These Pillows are of different shapes.

They are multipositional and multifunctional. If you haven’t used it then you definitely give it a try. You can feel the difference from the first day. If you like our blog then share it with your friends.