How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the other love of my life.

How to Use Pregnancy Pillow? If you are pregnant then you are really struggling to catch a good sleep and comfort.

Don’t think that you are alone. Every Pregnant woman knows how much it is difficult to sleep, and sit comfortably during pregnancy.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 78 percent of women experience disturbed sleep patterns and various health issues throughout their pregnancy(Source).

There are some problems that every mother ignores during pregnancy like sleeping, and acid reflux. But this is not normal, it affects you physically and also mentally.

At that time, a mother feels very weak and exhausted from day to day activities, at that time we need a good tight sleep.

It is not easy, especially When you are pregnant and your body undergoes various changes. You can’t sleep on your stomach and not on your side for long.

The most important question arises is that Do we really have to struggle to sleep and various health issues like this for nine-month? Or Is there any solution to these problems?

That time pregnancy pillow helps you. Maternity pillow or Pregnancy Pillows help you to sleep comfortably and prevent health issues.

Before buying a pregnancy pillow various questions arises in your mind. Why pregnancy pillow is important? How to use pregnancy pillows for sleeping or breastfeeding and many more?

To know more about pregnancy pillows see our Previous blog: Best Pregnancy Pillow. Every Pregnancy pillow is different so How to Choose a perfect pregnancy pillow? So check our previous blog on the How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow.

Get answers to all your queries. The pregnancy pillow is not useful only for the time period of pregnancy but also you can use it after the delivery.

You can use it for supporting your newborn baby, and especially during breastfeeding.

“Being a mama can be tough, but always remember in the eyes of your child, no one does it better than you.”

Why Pregnancy makes Day to Day Life Difficult?

Pregnancy is a time when the body of a mother undergoes various changes. Some of these changes cause difficulty in sleeping and health issues.

  • Hormones

As we know every pregnancy is different. So, problems also vary from woman to woman. Hormones play an important role in altering your sleep patterns and health.

In some women, Higher progesterone levels can cause daytime sleepiness, while other hormones may lead to vivid and unusual dreams, or maybe it will tighten your muscles which will lead to snoring and discomfort at night.

  • Heartburn

Many women face heartburn during their pregnancy. It is a common problem. Heartburn doesn’t relate to the heart.

It causes burning in the throat and chest. The reason is when your baby starts growing in your stomach it puts pressure against the stomach and pushing digestive acids up your esophagus.

  • Stress

Pregnancy is very stressful for a mother to be. Especially for a woman who is going to be a mother for the first time.

A lot of questions arise in her mind related to the baby’s arrival. What if something went wrong? How will my delivery be? And many more.

Stress is very bad for a mother to be. It can cause various health issues. Due to stress a mother to be cannot sleep properly at night.

Always remember healthy sleep is very important for mother and growing baby. Pregnancy pillows are helpful in this situation. It will help you in maintaining posture and by giving you support.

Why should you Buy a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are very essential for the mother to be during pregnancy and also for breastfeeding. It also helps pregnant women to support their Back, Hip, and tummy.

Some of following reasons for the Why Should you use Pregnancy Pillows:

  • For Easy Blood Circulation

The Best posture to sleep during pregnancy is sleeping sideways. This posture is recommended by doctors.

Sleeping sideways helps in the smooth flow of blood. Sleeping on the side is not much comfort for long so you can use pregnancy pillows.

  • Provide relief from Body Pain

Pain on various parts of the body like legs, backs, hip, the neck is normal during pregnancy.

To get relief from this pain you can use a pregnancy pillow. The pregnancy pillow provides proper support to your whole body.

  • Provide Sound Sleep

A Pregnancy Pillow or maternity pillow is very useful for sleeping. You can use these pillows wherever you want and sleep properly.

  • Very useful for Breastfeeding

You can use these pregnancy pillows for breastfeeding your new born baby.

Different types of Pregnancy Pillow?

There are six main types of pregnancy pillows. Each pillow is different due to its unique design. So, we will discuss each pillow one by one and give you detailed information about them;

1. C shape Pregnancy Pillow

The shape of this pillow is C as its name suggests. They are really very comfortable. The C-shape pregnancy pillow provides extra support to your whole body which changes during pregnancy.

Due to its extensive support, this pillow becomes the best choice for dealing with water retention in your leg and ankle.

It can help you to sleep on your side the whole night if you are not comfortable sleeping on the side.

2. U shape Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow is very popular due to its shape. It’s U shaped design is simple but very effective that provide comfortable support to the mother and the growing baby.

These pillows are more expensive than any other pregnancy pillow. This pillow provides the necessary support to your back and belly at the same time. These pillows are best for back sleepers.

3. Wedge Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge Shaped pillows are small size pillows. Technically they are not pillows, but they are good at targeting the specific area and they are not expensive.

They are generally triangular in shape. And easy to use as compare to other Pillows.

4. J Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow is the same as U shaped pillow. If we remove one side of u shaped pillow it will become J shaped pillow. It’s properties and uses are similar to u Shaped pregnancy pillow.

These pillows are smaller in size than u Shaped so they are very comfortable and compatible while sleeping with your partner.

5. Full-length Pregnancy Pillow

Full-length pregnancy pillows are like regular pillows but they longer than regular pillows. This pillow is similar to the wedge pillow as it provides support wherever you want.

Full-length pillows are akin to a regular pillow but longer. These pillows work similarly to a wedge as they are pretty versatile.

You can use them wherever you need the most support. These pillows are a little versatile.

6. Inflatable Pillow

Sleeping on your belly is very uncomfortable during pregnancy. So, inflatable pillows are very comfortable and helpful for those who always prefer to sleep on the stomach.

These pillows are like a separate mattress on top of the bed. It has a hole, so your belly can easily cuddle while you lie on your stomach.

Now we will discuss How to use Pregnancy Pillow for Comfortable Sleep? So that it will help in getting better sleep.

How to use Pregnancy Pillow? [In Depth Guide]

Now How to use a pregnancy pillow for comfortable sleep. The use of pregnancy pillows depends upon their type. There are six main types of pregnancy pillows.

Each pillow is different due to its unique design. So, we will discuss each pillow one by one and give you information on How to use a pregnancy pillow of a different Shape.

[Different Shapes] How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping?

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping?

During Pregnancy your sleep suffers a lot. We discussed above all the problems and causes of discomfort. Now here we discuss How to use a pregnancy pillow for comfortable sleeping.

1. How to use C Shape Pregnancy Pillow?

The C shape pillow is very simple to use. Firstly, wrap the pillow around the back, using one end as a temporary pillow to support the head and neck, and the other end of the pillow use to support your pelvic area between your legs.

2. How to use U shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

U shape pregnancy pillow can be used in different ways. The common way is that Just wrap it around your back and belly and sleep comfortably the whole night.

Another way, place your head on the curve of U and then hug it with your arm. The arm of the pillow supports your back and prevents you from rolling on your back.

3. How to use Wedge-shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

As we know it is small in size. You can place it wherever you need support. Mostly, women who sleep on the side placed it underside their Bellies for support.

4. How to use J shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

You can hug it by placing one leg on top and the other underneath the pillow so it provides support to your belly. Or another way, place your head on the curve of the pillow and the straight end between your legs.

5. How to use a Full-length Pregnancy Pillow?

You can place it wherever you want the support. But usually, the mother to be placed to support the belly. You can hug the pillow and placed one of your legs over it and others below it.

6. How to use Inflatable Pillow?

Just sleep on your stomach and put your stomach inside the given hole in it. But we advised you don’t sleep on your stomach after the third trimester tries to sleep on your side.

There are various different ways. A mother can use the above pillow in their own ways to sleep comfortably.

Always choose a pregnancy pillow according to your choice and your necessity. This is all about how to use pregnancy pillows of different types for sleeping.

How to Use Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding?

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow for breastfeeding?

How to use the Pregnancy pillow for Breastfeeding? The Pregnancy Pillows are very easy to use and comfortable pillow for breastfeeding.

If you don’t know anything about it so don’t take tension we have made a smaller and easy procedure on how can you use Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding.

Follow the steps given below-

  • Decide your Perfect sitting posture for nursing:

There are various positions you would consider to stay as you nurse your baby. But you first need to choose the best possible position that makes you comfortable while feeding your baby.

Some mothers like lying with their baby to feed and others consider sitting upright to feed their baby. Before buying a pillow choose or select your position.

If you like to sit while feeding your baby then place the pillow on your laps. If you prefer to lying with your baby while feeding then place it on the bed so both of you can lie comfortably.

  • Gently Make the Baby lie on Pillow

Now place your baby on the pillow when you are ready to nurse. Some mothers like to feed their baby by lying with them. So you can lie your baby on the side as you lie on the other side of the pillow.

Hold the baby by your side. Place your one hand on the neck or back and the other hand used to hold the breast to feed your baby comfortably.

  • Begin to nurse the Baby

Whenever you are ready to feed your baby. Make sure that the baby doesn’t take a lot of milk in one go as this may choke the baby.

If you are feeding the baby with a bottle then incline the baby then the baby can slowly drink milk from the bottle.

How to use Pregnancy Pillow for Other Problems?

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow for other problems?

A pregnancy pillow can be used in different ways. They are useful during pregnancy and even after delivery.

So, let us discuss How to use a pregnancy pillow in different ways to prevent different problems.

How to use Pregnancy Pillow for BackPain?

Backache is common Problem Women face during pregnancy. This problem occurs due to wrong sitting or lying posture.

So, a Pregnancy pillow helps you to sit or lie in the right position.

There are different types of Pillows useful to cure back pain. The first one is the Wedge Pillow, Which is small in size, and easy to carry.

If you have to sit in a chair for long hours then place it behind your back it keeps your spine in the right position.

If you are tall and feel back pain while lying on your bed then you can use a full body pillow. Full-body pillows are of different types (C, U, and J) and we have discussed this above.

They are quite big in size and provide full support to the entire body. You can sleep by hugging these pillows. They are easy to use.

How to use Pregnancy pillow for acid reflux?

Acid reflux is a chronic disease that occurs when stomach acid or bile flows into the food pipe and irritates the lining.

The best way to prevent acid reflux is slightly pop up your head. Doctors recommend that sleeping at an incline decreases the reflux symptoms.

Also, if you sleep on the left side it decreases problems of acid reflux. Here we tell you how to sleep in these positions with a pregnancy pillow:

  • Incline

For Sleeping in an incline position use a Wedge Pillow. Place wedge pillow under your head. It pops up your head in a suitable position to prevent reflux problems.

  • Left Side sleeping

Left side sleeping is also good to prevent acid reflux. For left side sleeping, you can use C, U, J shape Pillows. These pillows help to prevent rolling on your back.

They are full-body Pillow and support the whole body and helps to sleep on the left side without any discomfort. This position also helps to prevent acid reflux.

How to use Pregnancy pillow for sciatica?

Sciatica is nerve pain in the leg that is caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. Your lying or sitting position really affects your sciatica.

If you are a side sleeper then place a wedge Pillow between your legs or you can use a full-body Pregnancy Pillow for back and belly support.

It reduces the pressure on the spine. The other best way to reduce sciatica, sleep with your knees slightly elevated. Place a Pregnancy Pillow under your legs it elevates your legs and decreases the pressure from the lower back.

How to use Pregnancy pillow for Snoring?

Snoring is a harsh sound from the nose or mouth that occurs when you are breathing while sleeping. The causes of snoring differ from person to person.

To avoid snoring sleep on your side or keep your head elevated. C, U, and J shape Pregnancy Pillow help to sleep on the side. Side sleeping helps to allow air to flow easily and reduce or stop your snoring.

Also, Elevating your head by placing a wedge Pillow may help reduce your snoring by keeping your airways open.

How to use Pregnancy pillow for hip pain and Pelvic pain?

Body aches are caused due to various physical or hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy. Hip and pelvic pain are also one of them.

Pelvic pain means your body is preparing for giving birth. To get ease from hip pain or pelvic pain. Try to use a Pregnancy pillow to keep your hips straight with a body pillow to help you to maintain the normal contours of your body.

Another way, Place a pillow in between your knees and ankles. It helps you to relieve the pressure from your hip ache and pelvic area.

Use C, J, and U shape Maternity Pillow. Place one side under your head and another between your knees. This helps you to prevent hip pain.

My favorite is the Wedge Pillow. The single Pillow helps you to prevent all these problems. You can use a wedge pillow in various different positions or ways. We have an in-depth guide on Best Wedge Pillow.

Positioning of Pregnancy Pillow Appropriately [Different ways]

Let us discuss in detail about How to position your Pregnancy Pillow to support different parts of your body?


As a side sleeper, you can use U shape, C shape, and Wedge Pillow to place under your belly for support.

Between your legs and arms

U shape or full body maternity pillow, wrap around your arms and legs for desire comfort. The center part of the Pillow provides support to your belly.

It’s like you are hugging your pillow. This position helps you to relieve tension from knee and ankle joints.

Wrap around your Back

Wrap your J, U, or C shape Pillow around your back and take it between your legs. This position provides support to your both upper and lower back pelvis.

You can also use Wedge pillows. Placed it behind the back for supporting lower back area.

Support neck and Head

  • Wedge Pillow

Placed your wedge Pillow underneath your head to support your head or neck. This position helps you to get relief from heartburn, and acid reflux.

  • C, U, or J shaped Pregnancy pillow

These Pillows helps you to align your spine in the right position. Place one end of Pillow under your head or neck and another end between your legs.

This Pillow position helps you to relieve heartburn and snoring.


Now, It is clear that when you are pregnant then these pregnancy pillows really help you a lot, and even after the delivery, and any person who wants to sleep comfortably can use these pillows.

Pregnancy pillow useful for acid reflux, snoring, and sciatica. Position your pregnancy pillow in any of the ways mentioned above and feel the comfort.

The Pregnancy Pillow really worth your money. They are expensive but very valuable and long-lasting. Now, I hope you get answers to all your queries. If you like it so share it with your friends.

This is all about How to use Pregnancy Pillow in different ways. I had tried to explain everything in the best possible way. I hope this will help you to overcome your problems and you can enjoy your pregnancy journey.