How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow? How to Clean Pregnancy Pillow? You are using a Pregnancy Pillow to sleep comfortably. Are you worried about how to wash and clean your pregnancy pillow?

Is it difficult for you to clean your pregnancy pillow?

If you buy a pregnancy pillow at the time of your pregnancy. So, these questions really worried you a lot.

So, sit down and get ready to know the answer to all the questions related to ”How to wash pregnancy pillow & How to Clean Pregnancy Pillow”. We try to help you with a simple and easy guide.

A pregnancy or maternity pillow gives a lot of comport to a mother to be. It becomes a part of life during pregnancy.

So the cleaning & Washing of the pregnancy pillow is very essential. After all, you sleep with this pillow all night.

So, like other bedding, it needs a wash from time to time. Like other bedding, a pregnancy pillow also comes with special considerations. Can you hand wash your Pregnancy Pillow or not?

So read this article and you will get all answers to your queries. So before discussing How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow? We will consider all things you need to know before washing and cleaning of pregnancy pillow.

3 Things to Consider Before Washing and Cleaning Pregnancy Pillow?

Before washing a pregnancy pillow, there is some information you must know. This information will help you to keep clean your pregnancy pillow.

Shape and Size:

Pregnancy pillow available in different shapes and sizes in the market. As we know, a full-body pillow is big in size whereas a wedge body pillow is small in size.

If the pillow is big in size so it is difficult to wash in the washing machine and if it is small so you can easily wash it in a washing machine. So the washing of the pillow depends on its size.

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Firstly you must know about the material of pregnancy pillows. It is one of the most important factors in determining how to wash pregnancy pillow.

Filling type:

If your pregnancy pillow does have a filling, you just need to know what it’s made out of. Some of the examples include micro-beads, polyester fibers, or natural materials such as wool.

After this information, now you are ready to decide how to wash your pregnancy pillow. If you don’t know how to buy a pregnancy pillow click here.

Why Wash your Pregnancy Pillow?

Washing a pillow is very essential. We sleep on our pillow the whole night. If you don’t wash your pillow from time to time, it may cause lousy health and allergic issues.

When we sleep on our pillow, our body sheds a lot of dead skin cells which attract dust mites and produce many harmful substances and allergic issues.

That’s why washing and cleaning of the pregnancy pillow are not only important for the Pregnancy pillow but also for our health.


Before Washing the Pillow, Read the instructions Carefully Given on the Pillow whether it is Machine Washable or Hand Washable.

How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow? [Different Methods]

How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow

How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow with Washing Machine?

At the time of pregnancy, the mother needs complete rest and comfort. You may not able to do any hard work.

So, Washing a Pillow in a machine is a simple and very convenient method to wash and clean your maternity pillow.

Just do one thing put your pillow in the washing machine, then the washer and dryer will take care of everything.

Simply, put your pillow in the washing machine and add some detergent but according to the size of the pillow.

Then adjust the timer of 25 to 35 minutes and set heat as low to medium always. If you are washing your pillow in a machine so follow the tips given below.

  • Shape and size

As we already discussed that shape and size vary from pillow to pillow. If the size of the pillow is bigger, it doesn’t fit in the machine.

So, Before washing the Pillow in the machine make sure that your pillow will fit in the machine.

  • Material

The material of all pillows is different. Some are machine washable and some are strictly advised to hand wash. This factor is also important to keep in mind.

  • Cover

If your pillow has a removable cover. It is good to remove it and then wash the pillow and cover it separately.

  • Zipper

Most of the pillows have zip. So, make sure that you should close the zip before washing. Otherwise, it may harm your pillow.

  • Other Instructions
  1. Some pillows are Big in size so maybe the pillow only fits in the washer so don’t worry you can wash it and then dry it in the sunshine outside.
  2. Secondly, dry it in low and medium heat. If you dry it in high heat it may be harmful to your pillow such as melt or shrink.

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How to Wash a Pregnancy Pillow without Washing machine?

If you don’t want to wash your pregnancy pillow in the machine or you don’t have a machine so don’t worry. Hand washing is better than machine washing.

Before washing your pregnancy pillow make sure you have these things:

  • Large Plastic Tubs
  • Absorbent Bath Towels
  • Detergent or Washing Powder

What to Do before washing it?

  • Cover

Remove the cover of your pillow before washing it.

  • Water

Fill the tub with warm water and then dip your pillow in the tub.

  • Detergent or powder

Now add detergent in it and swirl it until the bubbles come up.

Steps for Washing Pregnancy Pillow without washing machine?

  • Soak the pillow

When bubbles come then soak the pillow in it and now try to move around your pregnancy pillow with a soft hand.

Just do a little hand massage and make sure the detergent is doing its work and removing all the dirty spots.

  • Rinse

Fill another tub with cold water and rinse the pillow a couple of times until the clean water comes up.

  • Dry

Many pillows are made of absorbent material and take a long time to dry. So use an absorbent bath towel to make it dry.

  • Sunshine

The last but important step to do. Hang your Pregnancy pillow on a clean and dry place that open for sunshine.

Move it from time to time randomly to expose the different areas for sunshine. Then make sure your pillow is dry properly and there is not any wet area remaining.

When to wash your Pregnancy Pillow?

Well, there is no specific time to wash your pillow. Mostly, there is a label instruction on the pillow, you have to follow it. If time is not mentioned on it then you can follow the general tips. Normally you can wash them every two weeks.


Don’t Use harsh Detergent Or Bleach to Wash your Maternity Pillow. May it Harm the material or Fabric of your Pillow.

How to Clean Your Pregnancy Pillow after Washing?

How to Clean Your Pregnancy Pillow after Washing?

Washing is not enough you have to take care of your pillow properly. Now the question arises on how to clean your pregnancy pillow after washing.

Don’t need to go anywhere, we give you some tips to keep clean your pregnancy pillow.

  • Hang in the air:

Every day hang your pregnancy pillow in the sunlight for a couple of hours. If you do this process, your pillow always is gonna look fresh, shiny, and fluffy for a long time.

  • Wash:

To keep your pillow clean wash it once in a month.

  • Proper dry:

For using pregnancy pillows for a long time dry it properly.

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This is all about How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow. Taking care of your pregnancy pillow is important. If you follow these tips so, your pillow will last long. You can use these maternity pillows even after the birth of the baby.

So, be aware and take the best care of your pillow, it’s not only for the pillow but only for you. I hope this information helps you and you get all your answers on How to Wash and clean your pregnancy pillow.

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