Protinex Vs Whey Protein? Best for Women? Protein is one of the most essential macronutrients for the proper functioning of the body. A 60 kg adult who does not look old has a sedentary lifestyle and still needs about 50 to 60 grams of protein on a daily basis.

However, if the goal is to build muscle, the need for protein increases even more. What if a person is a vegetarian or has a busy lifestyle?

It gets quite difficult to fulfill a daily Protein requirement for Women too. Hence the need for the protein supplement arises.

Whey Protein vs Protinex is one of the most popular choices? Let us talk about both of them.

What is Protinex?

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Protinex is nothing but a Protein Supplement. It helps you in fulfilling your daily protein requirement. Protinex is showcased as a health drink.

It has amino acids, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and decent protein content. Our body requires at least 0.8 grams of protein.

It has zero trans-fats and contains high protein and 8 immuno nutrients.

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What Whey Protein Supplement is?

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Whey is simply when you take the milk and you push that liquid portion through a filter, you’re ultimately left with proteins and some byproducts.

This is then dried and that becomes your whey protein. The issue with whey protein is you’ve got a couple of different kinds.

So, Whey Protein Supplement is a Protein Powder which is consists of Only Whey Powder.

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Protinex Vs Whey Protein? Which one to Buy for Better results?

Now you know what is whey and what is protinex. This is the right time to discuss Protinex vs whey protein. Let’s compare them on the basis of their nutritional information. Ingredients, prices, and various other factors and figure out which one is a better choice.

We will also discuss if This protein powder is safe? What Actually are they made of? When, how, and how much should be consumed and much more.

I would suggest you go through this when you read a full review of this Protinex vs Whey protein, you get the complete information that will help you make the right decision for yourself.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

How Whey Protein is actually made?

Whey protein is a type of protein that is extracted from Dairy Milk, then we separate panner from milk adding lemon juice or vinegar.

The yellow-greenish liquid left behind is nothing but Whey. It is this liquid that is processed to get to be protein powder.

So everything is derived from a vegetarian source. And it can be consumed by both men and women.

How much Protein do you get from one serving of Whey Protein?

One Serving of whey protein powder, which is 30 grams will give you approx 120 calories with one gram of fat, three grams of carbohydrates, one gram of sugar, and 24 grams of HIGH-QUALITY protein.

Whey Protein is a Lean Source of Protein?

Now, because it has a negligible amount of fats and carbohydrates, it can be considered as a lean source of protein.

The benefit of consuming lean protein sources that it gets easily absorbed by the body.

Lets talk about Protinex..

How Protinex is actually made?

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Protinex and any other Protein Supplement like this are made either from Soya, Peanuts, or wheat. Since both of them are the biggest veg source of protein. And anyone can consume it.

It is actually a blend of Soy protein, milk protein, and in some cases, they also add Pea Protein in it.

They also added vitamins and minerals which gives the normal buyers an extra reason to buy Protinex.

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How much Protein do you get from one serving of Protinex Protein?

On the other hand, one serving of Protinex gives you 105 calories. 9.6 grams of protein. 16.4 grams of carbohydrates. 9.3 grams of sugar.

A negligible amount of fat and a lot of vitamins and Minerals. As you can see Protinex is not a lean source of protein.


  • Moreover, for every 9 grams of protein that you getting from one serving, you are also getting 9 grams of sugar.

Whey serving vs Protinex serving?

Now we will talk about servings in Protinex vs whey protein. So a serving of Whey would look like this, which has nothing else but protein.

Whereas Protinex would look like this, which has half protein and half sugar. So which one would you like to choose?

Obviously, Whey protein is a good choice. But why is that? Some people choose probably Protinex over Whey protein? Maybe because of the price?

Price Comparison

One reason would be the lack of awareness. However, the major reason is the price of a whey protein. So this price comparison on Protinex vs whey protein will give you a clear picture.

250 grams of protinex cost around 375 rs whereas 900 grams of optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein cost you around 3000rs.

As it is a U.S. brand after a custom duty will be at your doorstep. So we can say that this Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder is more than two times costlier than protinex.

So Protinex is Cheaper than Whey?

  • In Case of Optimum Nutrition:

So let us do a basic calculation. We get 900 grams of Whey for 3000rs. That means one gram of Whey Protein is 3000/ 900 is equal to 3.3rs.

One serving of the Optimum Nutrition Scoop is 30 grams. We come up with 3.33 into 30. That is almost from rupees 100.

In short:

900g of Whey Protein = Rs 3000

1g of Whey Protein = Rs 3000/900 = 3.3 rs.

Cost of 1 serving of Optimum Nutrition(30g) = Rs 3.3*30 = 99.9 which is almost 100rs.

Cost of 1gram of Protein = 100/24 = 4.1 rs for 1 gram of protein.


So one serving of the Optimum nutrition protein which is costing you for one serving is 100gram, will give you 24 grams of protein.

That means the cost of 1 gram of protein is 100 by 24, which approximately comes off to be two rupees 4.1.

  • In case of Protinex:
Protonix vs whey protein

Now let us see what protinex has to offer. 250 grams of protinex going to cost you around 375 rs.

One gram of protein will cost us 375 by 250. One serving of protinex, which is also 30 grams, will cost us 375/250 * 30. It will be 45rs

In short:

250 gram of Protinex = 375 rs approx

1gm = Rs 375/250

1 serving = 30 gram

Cost of 1 serving(30 g) = Rs 375/250 * 30 = Rs 45

1gram of Protein = 45/10 = 4.5 rs.

Now this one serving of Protinex which is costing us 45 rupees but it gives us 9.6 gram of protein. Let us say 10gram approx.


So that means you are getting 1 gram of protein from protinex at rupee’s 4.5. So we have proved that Protein from Protinex is expensive than that Optimum Nutrition Whey. I do agree that in order to buy Whey Protein, you have to pull out more money in the beginning.

But in the long run, it is much cheaper than Protinex. And most importantly, you getting high-quality protein, which will help you build muscle much faster.

So it is totally worth it. Why am I calling Whey a high-quality Protein? because it is extracted from milk, which is a complete source of protein.

Ingredients Comparison

  • Ingredients of Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition:

Even if you look at its ingredients, the very first thing they mention is Whey protein isolate.

However, the only ingredient which I wish wasn’t there in this whey protein is this artificial sweetener called Acesulfame Potassium.

They Daily recommended dosage of this artificial sweetener is 15 mg per kg Bodyweight because Acesulfame Potassium is 200 times sweeter than the normal sugar.

So if your Daily intake is One or Two scoops, It should be fine. However, if you want to completely stay away from this artificial sweetener and artificial flavors, you can buy raw whey powder.

  • Ingredients of Protinex

On the other hand, the protein source of Protinex is peanuts, which is not a complete source of protein. Then the Carbohydrates are coming from sugar, malt extract, and maltodextrin which are all simple sugars.

The quantity of protein, the amount of vitamins and minerals in this is definitely positive.

When to take Protinex or Whey Protein?

If you have already bought Protinex or you still want to buy it, you can have one serving of it Post Workout with low-fat milk.

But When it comes to Whey Protein, If you want to get the maximum benefit out of it. Always have it Post-workout with Water.

Which one to buy for better results?

Anyway, Whey is much Better than this. If you have serious muscle gaining goals and you feel that you’re not getting proper, even on a daily basis, consider buying a Whey protein.

And the most important thing that you should keep in mind when you buying whey protein is that you buy it from an authorized dealer.

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See What Youtubers are saying?


Is Protinex good source of Protein?

If we see only on Protinex Protein Source Then Protinex is a Good Source of Protein. The Protein source of Protinex is Skimmed milk powder, sucrose, soy protein isolate, wheat flour, cornflour, and malt extract. Also, It Contains zero trans-fats and it has high protein + 8 Immuno nutrients makes it a good option.

Does Protinex build muscle?

You may have this doubt Does Protinex Build Muscles? Protinex is a Protein Powder which helps you to hit your Daily Protein Target. It Contains nutrients like folic, Iron, Vitamins, and Minerals which helps you in recovering from Muscles Soreness, Lethargy, and Tiredness. Keep this in mind your overall Protein intake, Balanced Diet, Exercise, and Nutrition helps you in Building Muscles.

Is there a difference between Protinex and Whey Protein?

There are much Difference Between Protinex and Whey Protein. For Example, Protinex Gives us 32 Grams of Protein per 100 Grams Whereas Whey Protein Gives us almost 76 to 80 grams of Protein Per 100 grams of Serving. Whey Protein absorbs faster than any other Protein. Also, Whey Protein Costs you Cheaper than Protinex if you do the Maths or Just Check our Difference between whey protein and Protinex Section.

Can I take Protinex at night?

Yes, you Can Take Protinex at Night. When you Consume Protein Before Bed it absorbed and Digested very effectively. By this availability of Protein for Muscles increases. Protinex is also a Protein Supplement and you can consume it at Night to increase your recovery of muscles. Also, there is a Study that recommends that Consuming 50 Grams of Protein before Bed helps you in maximizing Muscle Growth.

Is Protinex a Steroid?

Many people think that Protein Powder is a Steroid. Protein is a  building block of life. It is a part of a Balanced Diet Whereas Steroids are man-made artificial chemicals, known as hormones, that are made naturally in our body. So, Protinex is not a Steroid. Protinex is a Protein Supplement.

Which is better Bournvita or Protinex?

In taste definitely, Bournvita is better because of its chocolate taste and flavor. But if we talk about the ingredients the Protinex is a good source of protein and It contains many useful nutrients, Vitamins, and minerals. That’s why Protinex is Better than Protinex.

Is Protinex a Protein Shake?

Yes, Protinex is a Protein Shake. Just Mix Protinex with Water or Protinex with One Banana and Milk. Add Some Nuts as per your Taste. Boom your Protinex Protein Shake is ready.

Does Protinex make you Fat?

No, Protinex never makes you Fat or By consuming only Protinex you never gain weight. Protinex is a Protein Supplement which helps you in hitting your daily protein goals. It Contains Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamin, and Minerals. There are some Varients which are Fat-Free. This one is not designed for weight gain like other Weight Gainers.


This was my honest view, an honest comparison of Protinex vs Whey Protein. No doubt on a Battle of Protinex Vs Whey Protein, Whey Clearly wins in every aspect. Whey costs you less if you do the math. Also, by this, you will get high quality and fast-absorbing Protein.

But if you want a Proper Protein Powder with Vitamin, Minerals, and Good Taste then Protinex will be a Good Choice. I hope you found it helpful. If you want more content like this on this blog, please give this article a share and make some Better choices.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any doubts regarding this review. I will surely get back to you. Also, please comment. What more food products would you want me to reveal for you.