Thick Thighs Ultimate Guide

A lot of individuals suffer from fat issues, carrying a lot of excessive fat in different areas of the body. Isn’t it? and the reason being that they have a very higher amount of body fat. Excess fat around the hips and thighs and is a very common problem, especially in Women.

Women are more likely to store fat around their thighs, hips, and pelvic area. And if you are someone with thick thighs, you know the pain well enough.

Whereas men are more likely to store fat in the Upper Body and especially around their abdominal area(Source). Mainly Boys Want good Muscular Thighs and Women Want Good Toned Leg Muscles.

The end goal is to build lean muscular thighs rather than fatty thighs. Thick Thighs Ultimate Guide will help you in solving your Issues related to Thick Thighs.

If you want to know How to reduce Thick Thighs then Jump to this Section Or
if you want to Know How to Gain Thick Muscular Thighs then Jump to this Section. In short, We have covered everything for you.

What Actually is Thick Thighs?

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If we go into the anatomy of thighs you have to know that the femoral region is the most superior part of free lower limbs.

It has a larger percentage of Thigh Bone, because of this Bony Connection between the Knee Region and Hip region.

Now here Thick word represents Thighs which are large in Size. Size may Depend on Big Muscles or Fat deposition.

As you know People who do Gym, Cycling, or Running, carry a Good amount of Muscle Mass around their thighs.

Whereas Fatty People have fat deposition around legs which causes the Problem of Big Thighs.

Thigh fat is a big pain for a lot of women or Men Because it is stubborn fat. It is one of the hardest
areas of the body to lose fat.

But don’t worry, in this Section, we will Share Some Tips and Workouts to help you reduce and tone your thunder thighs.

It will help you fit into skinny jeans, wear a bikini, and wear shorts with more confidence and comfort.

Men also, Face this issue and they do want to reduce fat and get toned legs. So, it is not a thing to feel low. Just get the right information and get your Dream Physique.

What Cause Thick Thighs?

There’s a reason for Women. They tend to gain fat around their thighs and buttocks and they struggle to lose it.

Female’s preferential fat storage pattern is believed to be caused by higher estrogen levels in women leading to more subcutaneous fat storage.

Or in simpler words fat stored under the skin and in areas like thighs is considered as Subcutaneous Fat Storage rather than visceral fat stored as fat storage around the stomach area and the organs.

Females want Good Thighs and Buttock Size but not fatty one, They Want Muscular Structure. Losing Fat and Maintaining some Muscle Mass is the Key.

Problems with Thick Thighs?

There are some struggles every Person with Big thighs can relate to. For example, it’s difficult to find Jean’s that fit your thighs and your waist.

If the waist is of the right size, you can’t get them over your thighs.

Another big struggle is chub rub. Chub rub is the uncomfortable sensation that comes when your thighs rub together. This condition is often much worse in hot weather.

But don’t worry We understand your pain well. We are here to help you in getting rid of
thick thighs and making them toned and strength full.

Getting rid of Thick Thighs

You cannot target fat in specific parts of your body when you are losing fat or in simpler words, you can’t spot-reduce fat in certain areas. You have to lose overall weight to lose fat.

Introducing some simple lifestyle changes. Going on a calorie deficit diet, and doing daily activities like cardio and weight training can reduce the appearance of your thighs and make them strong and toned.

It will also improve your overall health. There are several ways to reduce and get rid of thick thighs, they are cardio, weight training, bodyweight training, and nutrition.

5 Ways to Reduce your Thighs Fat?

reduce thighs fat pregnancy


Personally, I am a big fan of Coffee. It has alot of Benefits. Coffee contains Caffeine. Caffeine is probably the most popular stimulant in the entire world.

Caffeine locks the adenosine receptor in the brain, which allows the central nervous system or CNS to become extra excited at its cellular level.

Just Consume Coffee in the Morning. It will stimulate your metabolism and help you Burning More Fat.

Even you can take it as your Pre Workout. It will improve your Concentration During Workouts and Cardio. In the end, you will be burning more Fat.

Keep this in mind: Always Consume Coffee in the Day Time. Do not prefer it in the evening because it may affect your Sleep.


If you’re not interested in the gym or you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can still reduce
these big thunder thighs by introducing cardio into your daily routine.

Cardio will help you to burn overall fat and also help in burning calories.

If you are just starting we recommend you start with simple cardio like walking. If you
are doing some sort of job, prefer to take the stairs instead of the elevator next time.

Now as you progress try to include more intensive cardio activities like jogging, running,
hiking, swimming, and cycling.

You can also try the HIIT cardio workout which is a combination of brief, very-high intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by equal or longer periods of rest.

Try 30 seconds to a minute of sprinting, followed by a minute or two of walking or slow jogging. Repeat this cycle for just 10 minutes, and you’ll complete a HIIT workout.

Now some of you may not have time to go out for cardio, Well we respect your busy schedule and we have a solution for you.

We are going to give you some home cardio workouts in a While which will help you to reduce thick thighs at Home.


Do you know that when you consume Less water in the Entire Day? Your Body will start Holding Water.

This will lead to an increase in Water Weight inside the Body and You will get more weight on Weighing Scale.

Drink Plenty of Water because by this your body flesh out Toxics, Salt and Fluids. By Drinking plenty of water you may feel less hungry and helps to curb your appetite.

Grab Protein and Fibers

Try to increase your Protein and Fiber percentage in meals rather than Simple Carbohydrates and Fats.

Fiber will take care of your digestion and Protein focusses more on Muscles.

For Building Lean Muscles, Protein is Important. By this, you will start gaining Muscle and losing Fat.

About 75 to 100 grams of protein and 25 to 35 Grams of Fiber Per Day from Nuts, Veggies, Whole Grains, Lean Meats, Soy, and Pulses are good Enough to reduce overall Fat

Count Your Calories

For losing weight you have to be on a calorie deficit. It means you have to consume fewer calories than your Maintenance Calories.

For instance, an 80 Kg Boy Needs 2500 Calories Per Day to maintain this Weight. Also, he is doing some kind of Workout.

To Lossing Weight, He has to reduce Calorie intake. Initially, maybe 2300 Calorie Per day is good enough to be in Calorie Deficit.

Again he is doing some kind of Workout as previously. Now his Body will start using his own body fat as an energy source because he has not enough calories to maintain.

You have to Calculate your Maintenance Calories and Just start by reducing 100 or 200 calories. Calculate your Calories and BMI.

How to reduce Thigh at Home?

Many of you don’t have enough Time to Join Gym, Sports Club, or anything. You want to get into a proper shape. Is this possible to reduce your overall body fat?

You can reduce your Body fat, Specially Thighs Fat in Home. Just follow some Simple Steps and Get your Dream Body Shape.


Include some stimulants which will help you in Boosting Metabolism. You can make a cup of Coffee within few minutes.

Coffee also help you in increasing Concentration and increase your Fat burning speed.

Reduce Carb Intake

Do you know that when you eat more Carbs your Body Stores more Water? Carbohydrates transform into Glycogens and then they stored in the Liver and Muscles with Water.

Plan your Meals with High Quality Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fats and Carbs Accordingly. Get your Carbs from Fruits, Nuts, and Whole Grains. More the Complex Carbs , more it is Healthy to Eat.

Complex Carbs have more nutrients than Simple Carbs. They Digest Slowly and Higher in Fiber.

Home Workouts

Home Workouts may take 30 minutes and it will help you significantly in Lossing fat and gaining some muscles.

Include Compound Exercises like Squats and Deadlift. These Exercises Burn More calories than other Exercises. Body Weight Squats, Lunges, and Pushup is a go-to exercise and you can do this at home.

Diet(Reduce Calories)

Proper balance of Micronutrients and Macronutrients is Considered as Balanced Diet.

Consume Complex Carbohydrates in the Place of Simple Carbs. Increase Protein-Rich meals which will help you in recovering from Muscles Soreness.

Add some Vegetables and fruits for Micronutrients. And do Calculate your Calories Count. For losing weight and fat from thighs, you have to be in a calorie deficit.

Walk for Local

Want to go Outside and Buy some groceries? Don’t Go with any automobile, If you want to go nearby. Prefer Small Walks or Quick Running for Nearby Shops.

Manage 20 minutes from your schedule and go for fast Sprint. This will help you in losing fat around your legs.

How to reduce Thick Thigh Without Workout?

You don’t have Time for Exercise? But you want to reduce that fat around your Legs. Fatty thighs may make you feel less confident.

Many People Feel shy because there Buttock/Thighs are so Fatty and they aren’t able to wear different Jeans. Just follow these steps and reduce your legs fat easily without Workout at Home


Let’s Take an Example of Coffee as Stimulant. We all know Caffeine Present in Coffee. It is a stimulant Drug.

It is a Popular beverage available almost in every Home. Coffee Helps you in Speeding up the Messages traveling between Body and Brain.

Researches Shown that Coffee is Good for our Body. It gives you more energy for Workout, Boosts your Metabolism, and Helps your curb Appetite.

In short, Consuming 1 or 2 Cup of Coffee a day(Not More Than 2) helps you in burning more fat than usual without giving you any Calories.

Low Calorie Diet

The simplest way to reduce your weight is to be in Calorie Deficit but by maintaining the ratio of Micronutrients and Macronutrients.

Changing your eating habits will be the best Impactful Change in your Fat loose journey. Keep your eye on your meals. Track them by using some apps available on the play store.

Just cut 100 200 Calories Each Week from your Maintaincae Calories. Calculate your Maintenance Calories from here. And Cut your Calories each week.

Small Walks

There is one Study by Am J Sports Med. In which he experiments on 11 Women of Moderate Weight, he assigns different exercises to them like Walking and swimming e.t.c.

Then he found that a woman who walks, lost around 17 Pounds which is 7.7 Kg. They Losses on an Average of 10 percent from their Initial Body Weight after 6 months of daily Brisk Walking.

There are Multiple Studies that show the same. Walking helps you in losing weight especially when it is Combined with Low-Calorie Diet.

Now What you can do is Go by Walking for Nearby Shopping. Walk more in your house. Don’t sit on your Position for so long. After every 1 hour of Sitting, Stand up and walk around your house.

Say No to Parties

We are in Calorie Deficit and doing some kind of activity. Also, Consuming Stimulants. But What if We have to go outside and we consume alot of high-calorie fast food?

It may affect your Overall Performance, Your Gut Health, and mainly your focus. That Spicy or Chocolaty Food Attract us all and convince them to eat more.

Friends planning a party and you are on your Fat Loss Journey but once you go to the party. You may consume some Drinks, Fast Food, or high Suger item. Keep this in mind once in a while fast food is ok.

Avoid Parties or Fast Food as much as you can and be on a right track.


We have discussed the Benefits of Water and A lot of time in this article. Again Water is helpful during your Fat Loose journey. It will help you in realizing Toxic and Salty Substances.

5 Ways to Gain your Thighs Muscles and Reduce Fat?

thick Thigh Fat

Now we know how to reduce fat from Thighs. We all know that there is nothing like spot reduction.

You have to reduce overall fat from your body and it depends on your body type that how easily you reduce weight or gain weight.

For instance, Endomorph Body Type Easily Gain Weight. They have a higher percentage of Fat and Less percentage of muscles. It is due to the low metabolism rate.

Know your body type from here Body Types

Many People(Mainly Males) Prefer to have Thick Muscular Thighs Whereas Women prefer to have Toned legs.

So in this Thighs Ultimate Guide now we will discuss how to gain muscles in the Legs.

Lift Heavy

Want to Build rock hard Thighs or Toned Legs? Lifting Heavy is the key. We are not saying that Go to Gym and Put that heavy plates and Start doing exercise without any Proper Form.

Just Start from the Weights you can easily do 7 to 8 reps. With Each Set, Increase that Weight.

You Have to Focus on Compound Exercises like Squats and Deadlift which will help you in Progressive Overloading.

These Compound Exercises includes different muscle group at the same time and it takes alot of energy.

So you are lifting Heavy Weights and Burning much more Calories at the same time.

Strength Training With Cardio

Many people don’t want huge Big Muscles but they want Toned lean muscles. For this add Cardio into your routine.

Cycling and running is the best option for everyone who focuses on Athletic Body.

Also, this Cardio Exercise Helps you in losing that Extra Fat on the legs and buttock area.

Balanced Diet

When you have to reduce Fat and increase Muscle Mass or at least Maintain Muscle Mass.

You have to be in Maintenance Calorie where your Fat and Carb Percentage is lower than usual.

Protein intake must be at least 1.5x of your Body Weight. Focus on Vitamins and Minerals too.

They will help you in better absorption, Heal Wounds, Boosts Immune system, Repair Cellular Damage, and also helps in converting food into energy.


When you are doing everything that helps you in gaining muscles around your legs but ignoring your Sleep and rest, will turn the whole game.

You may ignore Rest but keep this in mind Exercise Create Tears in your muscles and During your Rest Period Cells known as Fibroblasts repair them.

They will heal them and help your muscle to grow.

Hit Every Muscle in Leg

If your goal is to Build Thick Thighs then Train your Every Muscle in a Week. Train your Quadriceps, Hamstring, and adductor muscles every week.

Include Compound Exercises like Deadlift and Squats. These Movements include whole Legs Muscles and they hit every part of Leg.

It will help you in growing Muscles and losing Fat too.

How to Gain Thighs Muscles at Home?

Don’t have time to join Outdoor activities? No Problem. Follow these tips and Gain Thighs Muscles at Home.

  1. Follow Proper nutrition and Eat a good amount of Protein.
  2. Be in Clean Calorie Surplus.
  3. Try Walking instead of using vehicles going to nearby shops for Shopping.
  4. Body Weight Squats, Lunges will be a great add-on if you don’t have time for Gym.
  5. Use Stairs instead of Elevators.
  6. Buy a Bicycle for nearby traveling.

How to Gain Thighs Muscle Without Workout?

It is not an easy Job to Gain muscles at Home Without workout but this is not impossible. You Can easily lean down or gain muscles by just changing your Eating Habits.

Just Follow these steps and gain Muscles in your Leg or overall Muscles in Body.

Calorie Surplus

For losing weight you have to be in Calorie Deficit but For Gaining you have to be in Calorie Surplus or At least in Maintainance Calorie for Body Recomposition.

Plan your meals in a way that Protein Content has to be in Good Amount. The recommended intake of Protein for Muscles Gaining is at least 1.2x/1.5x of your Body Weight.


It is not that tough to go for a walk instead of Car and Bike. Use Stairs in a Place of Elevators. This Small intensity Cardio will burn your calories and help you in Losing Fat from your body.


I know you don’t have enough time to spare at the gym. For Losing Fat you need to burn Calories and have to train your Muscles.

Instead of spending your time in Gym for a sake of Gaining Muscles and Losing weight? Why not you Do something you love too.

It means just adopt a new hobby that will definitely help you in releasing stress and losing fat at the same time.

Love Swimming? Join any nearby Swimming Pool, Love Sports? Play Soccer, Basketball, or Football.


We have covered everything for you. This Thick Thighs Ultimate Guide is all about How to Lose Thighs Weight and How to Gain Thighs Muscles.

We know that having big fatty thighs is uncomfortable for both Male and Females. But Losing it not a big deal, Just Change your Lifestyle and Start Getting Some Results.