When should start using Pregnancy Pillow? It is a mostly asked question by Pregnant women. Pregnancy comes with a lot of questions.

As a Pregnant woman, you have to be more careful. Now All your activities will directly or indirectly affect your baby.

During pregnancy, you may feel morning dizziness, and body aches. So, you can use a Pregnancy Pillow. if you want to know more about Pregnancy Pillow. We have already Covered Best Pregnancy Pillow on our Blog.

Also, We have in-depth posts on some of your questions: What is the Pregnancy pillow? and How to buy a pregnancy pillow? In Short, we have Covered everything for you.

Now, Directly Jumping to the main question: When should start using a pregnancy pillow? Here is What We Found:

After 20 weeks of your pregnancy, you should start using a Pregnancy Pillow. At that time your tummy starts expanding and you start feeling some discomfort during sleep. Pregnancy Pillow helps you to sleep in the right posture and supports your body.

But Wait Don’t just bounce back. Go through full guide on When should start using Pregnancy Pillow?

Today we are going to discuss What is the right time to start using a pregnancy pillow? or When should start using Pregnancy Pillow?

First of all let me explain you about What is Pregnancy Pillow in short?

What is Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a specially designed pillow for the time period of pregnancy to suit and support all the body changes that take place during pregnancy.

A pregnancy pillow is a very useful aid during pregnancy. It helps a pregnant woman to sleep properly.

Your Sleeping posture really affects a baby. Doctors advise Pregnant Women to sleep on the side, not on their stomach and back.

Healthline: Sleeping on your left side is often referred to as the “ideal” scenario during pregnancy. Positioning yourself on the left side of your body allows for optimal blood flow from the inferior vena cava (IVC), which is a large vein that runs parallel to your spine on the right side.

Stomach and Back sleeping position badly affects baby growth. So, the option is to sleep on your side.

It is a little uncomfortable to sleep on the side of the whole night. At that time, the pregnancy pillow helps you.


Why should Start using Pregnancy Pillow?

There is one study by The Royal Society in which they found that it is a common problem during Pregnancy that women start to develop a Sleeping disorder.

This is not only bad for Pregnant Women’s but also for the baby. Because when we don’t get proper sleep, indirectly we are making ourselves tired.

One of the Reasons for the Sleeping disorder is caused due to our Wrong Sleeping Posture. Some of the Pregnant Women sleep on their Back or Stomach that result in Body ache.

It is recommended that you should never sleep on your back because studies shown that sleeping on your back may compress veins and arteries that can cause a reduction of blood flow.

So, here comes the role of Pregnancy Pillow. It may give you some relaxing effects during your sleep and Because of this, you can get some support in your side position.

Now jumping on When Should Start Using pregnancy Pillow?

When should start using Pregnancy Pillow? – Any Specific Time?

When should start using Pregnancy Pillow?

Now, the question is when to start using these pregnancy pillows?

Every pregnancy is different. So, the requirements of every pregnant woman are different. So, there is no fixed time period for using a pregnancy pillow.

It is up to you when you start feeling uncomfortable while changing your position during your sleep you can use a pregnancy pillow.

After the 20 weeks of pregnancy, the tummy of the mother starts expanding and causes pain in various body parts. So, that is a good time to start using Pregnancy Pillows.

In your first trimester, your body doesn’t show any Physical change. So, you can easily sleep with your normal pillow.

But in the second trimester or third trimester, your body starts showing physical changes. Then you will not able to sleep and feel very tired. So, that is the right time to start using Pregnancy Pillow.

Editor Personal Experience:

Alina Joseph: When I was pregnant, I also bought a Pregnancy Pillow. I bought it in my first trimester because I am a back sleeper. The doctor advised me to change my sleeping position from back to side sleeping. But I was not able to sleep on my side.

So, I bought a Pregnancy Pillow. Pregnancy pillow helps me to sleep comfortably throughout my pregnancy.

So, It is a matter of your comfort. Whenever you start feeling discomfort you can buy Pregnancy Pillow for comfort and cheerful experience during your Pregnancy.

In the market different types of pregnancy pillows are available, you can buy them according to your need.

Do I really need a pregnancy pillow?

Every pregnancy is different. So, the need for a pillow is also different. Some people think that using a normal pillow is quite comfortable to sleep.

But the normal pillow can’t remain in its position. So, the pregnancy pillow is really worth buying.

Things to look out Before Buying a Pregnancy Pillow:

As I covered everything related to When should start using Pregnancy Pillow. Now, these are some points or things you should keep in mind before buying a Pregnancy Pillow.

  • Pregnancy pillows are made of different materials(Polyester, and memory foam). So you should choose a strong and non-allergenic pillow.
  • If you like a soft material pillow, so you will choose a firmer pregnancy pillow because usually, a soft material pillow changes its shape but this will keep its shape for a long period of time.
  • Always choose wisely, a pregnancy pillow should be with a machine washable and removable cover. So, it is easy for everyone to clean it.
  • Women who are tall choose a full body pillow, it gives support to their whole body.
  • Bodyache is normal during pregnancy, So, if you wake up in the morning and feel the ache in any part of your body, pay attention, and support that part of the body with a pillow.

Full Guide: How to Buy Pregnancy Pillow?

Benefits if you start using Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillows have a lot of benefits. They are helpful in preventing many health issues associated with pregnancy.

I am explaining some of the Benefits of start using a pregnancy pillow and if you feel any of this problem during pregnancy, You can go for it.

  • Backpain:

Pregnancy causes various changes in the body of a woman. The body starts gaining weight, which puts pressure on your spine and causes pain.

So, you are not able to sleep properly. A pregnancy pillow will help you to get relief from this pain. It supports your spine to be in the right position.

  • Sleep on side:

Sleep on the side is the best posture to sleep especially on your left side at the time of pregnancy. Sleeping on the left side will increase the blood circulation and nutrients that reach your baby.

So, how to sleep in this position?

Keep your legs in a bent position now put the pillow between the knees. It will support your body. Now, you can sleep properly the whole night without any discomfort.

  • Longer sleeping and resting hours

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the mother’s body. So, you really need to sleep for longer hours to relax your body.

The pregnancy pillow helps in better sleep, if you sleep better and for enough hours then more you feel healthy.


Where can I find a good Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are easily available in the market or you can buy them online. I prefer to buy a Pregnancy Pillow from Amazon. We have reviewed many Pillows on our Blog(Click Here). There are various types of pregnancy pillows of different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can easily buy it and start using it.

Which shape of pregnancy pillow is best?

Wedge shape Pillow is the best multipurpose pillow you can use. They are of triangular shape and mostly made of polyester and memory foam. They are specialized to target the specific area. The wedge pillow can be used by anyone. Wedge pillow helps in better blood circulation and reduces snoring. They are small in size. You can easily carry it anywhere. Just go to Wedge Pillow Category.

Is a Pregnancy Pillow worth it?

If you are recovering from surgery or suffering from insomnia then a pregnancy pillow really is helpful. Pregnancy pillows are made of the best quality material. They help you in recovering from many health issues(acid reflux, heartburn, insomnia, and body ache).

Can I sleep on my back while Pregnant?

Back sleeping is the worst sleeping position during pregnancy. While sleeping on your back the weight of your whole body on your back. It causes back pain, hemorrhoids, and affect blood circulation. Doctors also advise avoiding sleeping on the back.

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Now you have a clear idea on When should start using Pregnancy Pillow? After 20 weeks of your pregnancy, you should start using a Pregnancy Pillow

But You can start using a pregnancy pillow in any trimester of your pregnancy. Whenever you feel discomfort you can buy a pregnancy pillow. It will help you in your sleep and you will get enjoyable sleep.

So, there is not any right or wrong time. You can buy it and start using it whenever you want. If you like our blog and it helps you. Then share it with your Circle.