Why are Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable? We all stayed in a hotel once in life for sure. So, there is a question that definitely arises in your mind Why are luxury Hotels Pillow so Comfortable?

During your vacation when you stayed in a hotel and lie on your pillow. You feel these Hotel Pillows So Comfortable. While our normal Pillow gets lumpy and loses its fluffiness even after some days.

Here is What we found on Why are the Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable ?

Hotels spend much of their budget on the mattresses to make the rooms luxurious. Hotels management takes special care of its bedding. They replace Pillow or bedsheet from time to time. The comforts of the Pillow depend on the quality of the material used. Mostly, hotels used premium quality material Pillow. They are fluffy and comfortable.

So, let’s start, in this article, we are going to share some secrets about Why are Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable?

Why are luxury Hotels Pillows so comfortable?

Why are Luxury Hotels Pillows so comfortable?

Hotels Pillow is made of a special type of material. They are quite expensive than another normal pillow. There are various reasons that make Hotels Pillow comfortable.

1. Number of Pillow used

You must observe that there are many Pillows on the bed of different sizes. The king-size, the queen size, decorative pillow, and the standard Pillow to give the illusion of luxury.

Around 6 to 8 Pillows are definitely in the room. This is a clever approach to impress the guest.


Now you have the choice to choose any of one Pillow according to you need to sleep comfortably. If you get what you want in your pillow then you like it and forget all your stress and tiredness.

2. Quality of Pillow

In 5 star hotels, the pillows are all different from the normal Pillows that we used. They are expensive and soft.

The pillow in 5-star hotels is chosen after a lot of research. All the pillows used in hotels are of premium quality Pillow.

3. Proper care and maintenance

The truth is that hotels take proper care of their Pillows. Unlike us, we don’t even wash or change it for years. Hotels replace their Pillows periodically. That is why the hotel’s Pillow is comfortable.

4. Material

The Game Changer thing in this question Why are Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable? is the material.

Comfort depends on the quality of the material used in the Hotel Pillows. 5 star hotel or any other hotel used Pillows of different materials.

The most common Pillow types are Goose (feather) down pillows, down alternative, and feather/down blend pillows.

#Goose or Duck down Pillow

Down Pillow is famous among all because of its composition. They are soft, fluffy, and have a long life.

Down Pillow is made of duck or goose feathers. These Pillows give luxurious look to your room. These Pillows are made of bird feathers so they cause discomfort to some allergy intolerant people.

These Pillows are quite expensive. So, down Pillow Mostly found in luxurious hotels, not in ordinary hotels.

#Feather and Down blend Pillow

Feather and down blend Pillow is the same as the down Pillows but with some twist. They are also popular among many hotels.

They are comfortable and not cause any allergy. They are not much expensive and affordable.

#Down alternative Pillow

From its name, you got an idea, down alternative Pillow offers the same comfort as down Pillow. But it is an alternative to Down Pillow.

Down alternative Pillow are most commonly used Pillow set in any hotels. They are hypoallergenic.

They are cheaper than down Pillow but gives same fluffiness and firmness as down Pillow.

They are made of polyester microfibre material. These Pillows are good for people to suffer from neck strain and shoulder pain.

Also, there are many other materials used in Pillow all around the world. But these are quite famous among all other Pillow types.

These are the reason Why are luxury Hotels Pillows so comfortable.

How can I make my bed feel like a luxury hotel?

How can I make my bed feel like a luxury hotel?

If you also want to make your bed luxurious like hotels. So, here we help you by giving some tips.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that take proper care of your beddings. Whether it is a normal pillow or expensive Pillow proper care and maintenance are essential.

Upgrade your mattresses from time to time. Use different size Pillows. Use Pillow sham to give luxurious look.

If you haven’t enough budget to buy an expensive Pillow. So, there are also some alternatives. They are not expensive but the same as the expensive pillows. They also provide comfort and softness.

How often should you get new pillows?

When should I change my pillow? This question really bothers you. The time period changes from Pillow to Pillow.

Some Pillow lasts long because of their material quality. But some become saggy after some months. The basic time to change your pillow is every 1 to 2 years.

Do hotels wash Pillow after each guest stay?

There are mainly two types of Pillows in the hospitality market:

  • Natural
  • Synthetic fill.

Natural fill Pillow is a blend of feathers of duck or goose. Synthetic fill is manmade fibers. Both are not designed to wash after each guest’s stays.

If you wash them more frequently it may affect their quality. Now you may thought “Is it mean they are not safe?”

But don’t worry there is something that you may not know. Hotels know that if their guests are not satisfied with their services. They will not check in again.

So, How they protect the pillow from passing anything to its new guest?

Well, Hotels use two covering to cover Pillow. One is Pillow cover and another is Pillow case.

  • Pillowcase is the primary coverage and it gets changed between each new guest.
  • The pillow cover is the secondary barrier and it is changed or laundered once a month.

What makes a Hotel Pillow different from regular Pillows?

Hotels Pillow are especially designed in such a way that they are suitable for any kind of sleepers.

Special kind of material used in hotels Pillow. They are soft, fluffy and also hypoallergenic.

The best and comfortable Pillow is the top priority of any reputable or famous hotel.

Buying Pillows for every room in hotels is a huge investment. They really did a lot of research and hard work for purchasing the hotels Pillow.

Hotels Pillow are more comfortable , long-lasting and expensive as compared to the normal Pillows.

How to Select the Luxury Hotel Pillows

How to Select the Luxury Hotel Pillows

We have discussed everything related to Why are Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable? But what If you are planning to buy a luxury hotel Pillow?

Than there are some factors to keep in mind before buying a hotel Pillow:


Usually, the size of a Pillow depends on the size of the bed and head. Your pillow should be big enough to cover your head or neck and gets fit on your bed.

If it is big or too small than it become a trouble maker.


The height of the Pillow and thickness is depending on the loft. Choose a pillow with the right loftiness. If you are a back or stomach sleeper then buy a pillow with a lower loft.

Whereas for side sleeper the loftness should be high.


Hotels Pillow is quite expensive. They are not Affordable for everyone. Before buying a pillow, Decide your budget.

There are many alternatives. So, do some research and find the one under your budget.


A pillow with good quality material lasts long. Hotels Pillow is of premium quality. They didn’t lose their shape even after replacement.

So, choose wisely an excellent Pillow that worth your money.

Easy to clean

Choose a pillow which is machine washable or don’t incur stain easily.

Pros & Cons


  • Hotels Pillow are specialized for any Sleeping position.
  • They are made of high quality material.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They are long-lasting as compared to regular Pillow.


  • Hotels Pillow are more expensive than normal pillow.
  • They might be flatten too easily .


Do hotels charge if you take a pillow?

Hotels always want to provide a homely environment to its guests. All the things in the hotel room are luxurious and comfortable. This is not possible to take a Pillow from Hotel. They may Charge you for taking a Pillow. But If the guest like anything and want to take it home. Guest can insist but on some conditions by Hotel. Hotels will also charge you, Then you can take it home.

How thick should a pillow be for side sleepers?

A pillow used by side sleepers should be thick. The height of the Pillow should be around 3 to 5 inches. Make sure your pillow neither be too high.

Why are Hotel pillows so fluffy?

Hotels Pillow is made of premium quality material. The most common Pillow types are Goose (feather) down pillows, down alternative, and feather/down blend pillows. They are soft and fluffy. But one thing is to take proper care of your pillow.

Why do Pillows turn Yellow?

Pillow usually turns yellow due to sweat. It is the most common problem. When you sleep on your pillow, sweat dries on it and leaves a yellow stain.

Where can I buy hotel pillow?

Hotels pillows are different from normal pillows. They are made of premium quality materials. They are not easily available in any store. If you want to buy a hotel pillow. You can buy it online from Amazon. They are available in different sizes like Queen size, king-size, and standard size.


This is all about Why are Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable. A good Hotel Pillow is a guarantee of good sleep. Hotels Know this Thing. So, they try their best to give you a home-like feel. They use premium quality Pillow and take proper care.

In our article, we try to give you all the information related Why are Luxury Hotel Pillows so Comfortable? You can check what others are saying about Hotel Pillow on Quora. If you like it so, share it with your friend’s relatives.