Why Zinc is Very Important for Women?

Why Zinc is Very Important for Women? Hey, everyone, today we’re covering why women specifically need more zinc.

A lot of the content out there talks about why men need zinc. But women need it just as much, if not possibly even more.

It’s very, very important. So today, what we’re going to cover is how zinc can affect the thyroid and ultimately affect your metabolism. Also it Reduces Menstrual Cramp Pain!

Then we’re gonna jump in here and start talking about how zinc plays a big role in terms of insulin, which has a tremendous part in PCOS, whether you have PCOS or not.

Then we’re gonna jump in and talk a little bit about pregnancy. Then we’re going to talk about mensurationn and cramping and how zinc plays a critical role there.

Then, of course, we’ll jump in and talk a little bit some bonus material surrounding the skin. And I’m also going to make sure that I will mention some specific kind of zinc-rich foods that you can be eating.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave out the tangible stuff in the practical stuff. So without further ado, let’s jump into our Topic Why Zinc is VERY Important for Women?

[Top Reasons] Why Zinc is VERY Important for Women?

zinc for women

1. The Role of Zinc in Thyroid Hormones Metabolism:

So the first thing to talk about the thyroid. So important. The thyroid plays such a role in our overall metabolism.

But all we ever think about is what is called our T 4 and T 3levels. When we go to the doctor, they just check those levels while T 4 and T 3 is the amount of thyroid that’s actually circulating.

But what we forget is that thyroid has to bind to something. It has to bind to a receptor. And that receptor requires zinc.

There are zinc ions on that protein receptor. And if we’re deficient in zinc, that receptor doesn’t work.

Well, What does that mean?

That means that the thyroid that is circulating can’t bind to the receptor and therefore the receptor can’t send a signal to the brain.

What that means to you, especially as a female, is that the brain isn’t able to determine how much thyroid is actually in the bloodstream.

So if you’re low on thyroid, it doesn’t know to up-regulate. And if you’re high on thyroid, it doesn’t know to down-regulate because the receptor isn’t communicating.

Zinc is So important:

Zinc is so important for our metabolism. And here’s what’s interesting is zinc is required for almost all carbohydrate metabolism.

So if your body isn’t registering that you have enough thyroid and then you eat a bunch of carbohydrates, well, then, in theory, your brain wouldn’t be able to upregulate the thyroid to process all of the carbohydrates.

That could pose a very, very big problem for your metabolism. Additionally, the thyroid plays such a critical role in mobilizing fats.

So if you’re trying to get fatty acids into the bloodstream to burn some fat, well, you want to make sure that thyroid jacking up a little bit.


2. Zinc plays a big role in lowering insulin levels and Fix PCOS Issues:

Now, let’s move into number two reason of Why Zinc is VERY Important for Women is going to be surrounding the world of insulin and PCOS. So this is important even if you don’t have PCOS.

However, it has been seen that PCOS is directly tied to insulin. High levels of insulin and insulin resistance are related to PCOS. So what it’s been shown is that zinc plays a big role in lowering insulin levels.

You see, zinc can mimic insulin. So with zinc binds to an insulin receptor, in essence, the body thinks that it is insulin.

So, therefore, the body doesn’t produce as much insulin, which means that you’re less likely to become insulin resistant.

Study on this topic:

So here’s an interesting study, and I’m just going to appreciate it to make it very simple. This study took a look at 52 women, divided them into two groups.

One group had 50 milligrams of zinc supplementation. And the other group was a placebo.

Well, they found that at the end of eight weeks, the group that took the zinc had an over 15 milligram per deciliter increase in serum zinc. That makes sense. They take a zinc supplement.

It increases their zinc levels. But they found that a decrease their fasting glucose decreased their overall levels of insulin and it increased their insulin sensitivity.


So there we have it. Case in point. Fix the insulin issue, potentially fix the PCOS issue. Now, let’s talk for just a second. Talk foods just because I’m going to move into the next one, which is very, very important.


3. Low blood zinc levels are associated with Pregnancy complications

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Let’s go ahead. Let’s move into the next piece, which is pregnancy. Whether you are looking to get pregnant or you are pregnant or not is still very important information to know.

Zinc deficiencies have been directly correlated with low birth weights. It has to do with kind of that placental absorption of zinc.

That is clearly required for immune system development and overall development of a fetus.

There is a study JAMA those published in and that found that just supplementing twenty-five milligrams per day of zinc led to a one hundred and 26-gram birth weight increase, as well as an increase in almost a half a centimetre of head circumference.

That’s huge. Just by supplementing zinc compared to placebo. Now, I know I’m not going to dive into a lot of detail on that.


Now, let’s move into the menstrual cramping peace time and time again.

4. Zinc plays an important role in Menstrual Cramps!

I talk to women, that just gets so tired of the bloating, the pain, the cramping. I don’t feel it firsthand, but I feel it when I talk to women, OK?

There has to be a solution. And if we understand what’s happening with menstrual cramping and pain, we can’t sort of find a solution. It turns out that Zinc plays a tremendous role in this. A huge role. So here’s what’s up.

We have Prostaglandin. These things are things that trigger inflammation. Our natural response within the body.

But when it comes to under menstrual cramping, there’s a couple of things and that stand out.

But one in particular in this case, it’s called PGE2 prostaglandin and that PGE2 prostaglandin to the prostate gland and triggers the tightening and contraction of the uterus muscles.

So what happens then is it presses up against nerves. It squeezes the nerves.

Zinc blocks the production of this PGE2 prostaglandin

And you have, of course, cramping and pain. Well, it turns out that zinc blocks the production of this PGE2 prostaglandin.

It blocks the specific prostate gland and that triggers this contraction. Now, there are other factors at play that caused the cramping and all that stuff.

But when you really target one of the big players here, that is tremendous. So we actually have the potential to add zinc into the mix and reduce some of the crampings.

And it’s been shown that chronic zinc deficiencies are related to bigger issues when it comes down to the menstrual cycle. So, of course, we want to get that zinc in there.

The requirement of Zinc Per Day:

Twenty-five milligrams of zinc per day or just, you know, three, four, five tablespoons of pumpkin seeds or sprouted seeds per day could make all the difference in the world when it comes down your menstrual cycle.

And we want to make sure that we’re kind of eating those and getting a little bit more surrounding the menstrual cycle.


5. Zinc does play a role in Protecting the skin

Now, the bonus piece that I wanted to talk about was going to be your skin. This goes for men and women.

But here’s the thing. Zinc is related to cells that turn over fast. Skin cells turn over faster if we’re deficient in zinc. We are going to see it on our skin and our hair very quickly.

So if you’re having poor skin, if you feel like you’re getting wrinkles, your skin is not recovering like it used to.

There’s a very good chance that it’s a zinc issue. And one of the first things that you can do is correct that. And that could be a quicker way than spending hundreds of dollars and creams and things like that.

It also helps repair the fibroblasts, that actually allows our skin to recover and rebuild. But additionally, you’re getting rid of a lot of the oxidative damage. The point is, it’s good for the skin.


Now, let’s go ahead and let’s talk about some foods and the seeds that I would usually recommend.

Foods That Are High in Zinc?

  • Shellfish

One of the things that I like shellfish, very, very good for zinc there. We’re going to try to get the most potent amount of zinc in a natural food coming from shellfish.

  • Seeds and Nuts

I usually recommend nuts and seeds. Those are going to be some of the best sources of zinc that you can possibly get.

Pumpkin seeds are probably one of the best zinc rich foods that women could be eating. So if you are suffering from insulin resistance or you’re concerned with your thyroid.

Munching on pumpkin Seeds and then sunflower seeds is a close second, would definitely be ideal, I like to get like sprouted mix seeds because when they’re sprouted, it means that you’re able to absorb the nutrients better.

The sprouting process with seeds and nuts makes it so that you don’t have what are called anti-nutrients, making it so you don’t absorb the nutrients.


The overall, though. The big point is that a lot of us are deficient zinc and we’re not paying attention to it. It’s the forgotten mineral.

It is responsible for a number of functions in the human body, and it helps stimulate the activity of at least 100 different enzymes. Only a small intake of zinc is necessary to reap the benefits.

So I highly recommend that you just consider getting those zinc-rich foods in a sprouted form. You can also make sure you check out Some Supplements.